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What customers are saying about Axios HQ

We asked how the AI-powered internal communications software is helping their organization.


They love its org-wide impact

WW International

"We love Axios HQ! It has made sharing insights with our broader team so easy. We've received so much good feedback and have been able drive engagement with our team. It's been the best addition to our comms thus far!"

— Dorynda V., Research Operations Lead

Arthur W. Page Society

"Axios HQ feels like the future, a tool that's perfectly poised to take advantage of the coming AI revolution."



— Jerrick H., Director of Digital Content

Tyson Foods

"As a communications professional, Axios HQ has been a game-changer for our newsletter creation and output. It's simplified writing, best practices and design for non-communications people which saves my team lots of training and editing."

— Will M., Communications Manager


"Love getting my 'Morning Dish' with Axios HQ! Concise, to the point and always allows me to take a deeper dive if necessary, or just skim for nuggets to stay informed and relevant!"


— Anonymous


"Axios HQ has changed the way we think about internal communications. "



— MJ J., Senior Training and Development Manager


"As the 'editor-in-chief' of four newsletters, Axios HQ has been instrumental in aiding my writers. The robust formatting and Smart Brevity writing styles keep our content sharp and engaging."

— Aric N., Brand & Communications Manager

Grove City

"Our internal communication has increased dramatically, sharing information at a high level to increase everyone's situational awareness."

— Willliam V., Administrator

CNH Industrial

"Overall it is an excellent system and works very well. I use it daily is all my activities."

— Nelia D., Human Capital Talent Development

Beacon Mobility

"Axios HQ is amazing. Our weekly newsletter has great readership, everyone finds it so easy to read."

— Judith C., CEO


They need its Smart Brevity Guidance

Clark Construction

"Axios HQ helps me not only write with Smart Brevity, but also with clarity and more expansive vocabulary. It's a great way to get a newsletter out to whatever audience needs the information. "

— Steven D., Director of Quality Control


"Axios HQ is a fantastic tool that easily guides you through Smart Brevity writing. The AI features allow you to enhance your communications while still being in the driver's seat."

— Devon C., Corporate Communications Manager

WW International

"I love Axios HQ, Smart Brevity, and also their teams! It's been really great working with our account manager and the team to provide feedback."

— Jinny L., Senior Analyst for People Operations

Environmental Defense Fund

"Axios has a lot of great features, including far better reader information than you'd get by sending a traditional email blast. The Smart Brevity style and format have garnered us consistent praise from staff that they enjoy reading — and actually look forward to — our weekly all-staff newsletter. "

— Jeff L., Senior Manager of Internal Communications


"Axios HQ is a great [writing] tool that does not allow you to make it overly busy or complex. We have seen higher interactions since switching from MailChimp — I think, in part, due to the Smart Brevity format."


— Mike D., Expert Community Development Lead


"The concept of Smart Brevity is beginning to take root and change our business communications in a much-needed direction!"



— Kelly H., Director of Product Development

The Institutes

"Axios HQ is easy to use as a communicator and for our audience to consume. Smart Brevity and Axioms keep us focused on short, impactful content."


— Paul W., Head of Enterprise Strategic Content Group

Cox Automotive

"I've used Axios HQ to incorporate Smart Brevity and to show up — differently than the normal communications that the teams get — to stand out."



— Kyle S., Product Operations


They appreciate its ease of use

Stromquist & Company

"I'm not sure that we have ever had our company adopt a toolset improvement as quickly as they have with Axios HQ.  Within weeks we began using it to run our internal meetings more efficiently, even eliminating some meetings altogether. Axios HQ is way more than just a newsletter tool. Five Stars."


— Rob A., President and COO

American Airlines

"Technology is not my forte, but Axios HQ has been incredibly easy to use, and onboarding was simple as well. Axios HQ's support staff have been excellent as well. We plan to move more of our communications onto this platform."



— Courtney R., Manager of Airport and Cargo Communications

RV Industry

"Axios HQ has really elevated our member communications by streamlining and simplifying our newsletter creation. From the easy-to-use interface to the continuous improvements and AI tools, HQ has allowed us to save time and deliver a better newsletter to our members."


— Monika G., Director of PR and Communications

Yale University

"Axios HQ is so easy to use. I can quickly create a concise and appealing newsletter."


— Crystal G., Associate Communications Officer

SNAC International

"Axios HQ is easy to use and intuitive. We’ve gotten great feedback from refreshing our association newsletter using the new Axios HQ format. "


— David W., Vice President of Membership and Communications

Warren Township High School District 121

"The platform is super simple and easy to use. It makes our process of putting together widely-distributed emails consistent and reliable."


— Danny W., Superintendent


"Axios HQ made it incredibly easy to launch a newsletter from scratch and in the process, impact how our company writes internal communications to make them clearer, more concise, and more effective."



— AJ A., Strategy

Washington University in St. Louis

"The best thing about Axios HQ is the ease of use and readability. The new AI feature is very helpful. The second-best thing is that there are no surprises, no weird formatting, or breakdowns. Would recommend."


— Sharon R., Digital Resource Design

Save The Children Federation

"Using Axios HQ allows my team to collaborate with ease on our communications. It has shifted the sole responsibility of creating our monthly newsletter from just me to my full team. The user friendliness of the platform has made that shift effortless."


— Neysa C., Advisor

"Axios HQ has significantly improved our ability to communicate effectively within our team, and reduces the time to prepare those communications so we can work more efficiently."



— Rachel C., Lead Product Manager

BHA Strategy

"Axios HQ has been an innovative tool for us to use with our clients. The simple interface and exceptional customer service have made this a great product for our team!"



— Hollace W., Communications Associate


They've never seen so much engagement

Hennepin Medical Center

"Axios HQ has transformed our communication strategy with our customer, who are very short on time. Many have commented that the newsletter we send is often the only email they have time to read and they look forward to the crisp-get-to-the-point content we bring."


— Cheryl N., Medical Staff Operations

Park Place on PeachTree

"Axios HQ has exceeded our expectations. Our open rate is phenomenal because our readers know they can expect succinct and clear messages with attractive graphics in one sitting without having to be redirected to another website or open an attachment."


— Bryan C., CEO

Specialty Dental Brands

"I've had nothing but positive experiences with Axios HQ and the platform truly just gets better and better. I sincerely enjoy the webinars offered and constant additions made to the platform, allowing our communications to stay fresh, informative, and engaging."


— Hannah H., Internal Communications Manager


"Our newsletter used to be generic and lackluster. Our weekly newsletter now is engaging, visually appealing, and gets tons of positive feedback. Thank you for your thorough support!"




— Meredith B., Nurse and Personal Trainer


"Axios HQ has transformed the way I communicate. As someone who largely creates communications for company executives, it's important that the process is consistent and streamlined. Axios HQ has made a massive difference in the way I structure communications and how my company engages with its employees."


— Rachel S., Corporate Communications Specialist

ACI Mechanical & HVAC Sales

"Axios HQ is absolutely great and has turned our communications into something readable to our internal users and our customers. Our open rates have grown beyond what we would have accepted."



— Darcy A., Marketing Manager

Forvis, LLP

"Axios HQ has empowered our Strategic Communications team with the insights we need to develop impactful communications that resonate with our internal audiences."


— Josiah K., Strategic Communications


"I have found the Axios HQ platform to be easy to use and deploy. The metrics help me see where I can bolster communications with other methods in a more targeted fashion."


— Gina H., Change Enablement Analyst

American Airlines

"The analytics is hands down the best!"




— Danny Y., Team Lead

Go deeper on the impact Axios HQ has had at customer organizations


Events + Case studies

Life Time Inc.


"Through the introduction of these newsletters, we were actually able to reduce [our volume of] emails by 40%–50%… but still deliver the same level of information and detail."

— Laura Kennedy, Senior Manager, Internal Communications

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Ramsey School District


"The number one success of my early superintendency is this newsletter. I attribute a lot of that to HQ. They love the format, they love the content. They feel like they have a visibility."

— Andrew Matteo, Superintendent of Schools

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Hennepin Healthcare


"Probably my favorite moment: During a virtual meeting, an executive grabbed their phone, pulled up the newsletter, showed it to the camera, and said, 'Look how good this looks on a cell phone."

— Cheryl Neel, Medical Staff Operations

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"The fact that we're able to use smart editing kind of takes a burden off of us. I don't have to spend a ton of time editing other people's work. I take a look at the tone and everything and make sure that it's right for the whole company. It has become fairly streamlined."


— Tina Amirkiai, Director of Employee Communications

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“The early results that we’re seeing has only increased peoples appetite to do more in Smart Brevity and do it even better. We’ve go the bug. We’re already seeing other parts of the organization come to us and say, hey can we get access to this platform that we’re hearing about? What is smart brevity? Can you train me? That for me is the proof in the pudding.”

— Lucy Yurek, Global Head of Reputation

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"We shifted from being a public company to a private company, and those needs are different for how you communicate with employees. [Our CEO] came to our VP of communications and said, 'I want something that makes it easier for me to communicate with employees...'  We contracted Axios HQ."


— Lauren Hultz, Digital Communications Manager

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Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 2.15.46 PM-1
Gerson Lehrman Group

"Axios HQ provides a streamlined, intuitive platform to communicate with our employees around the world, as well as the ability to easily customize our messaging for specific regional audiences."

— Richard Socarides, CCO

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Delta Airlines

"Immediately, flight attendants noticed and appreciated when we adopted Axios’ Smart Brevity approach. The Axios-isms provide familiarity week to week and help guide readers along so they easily key in on the most important and relevant information."

— Manager of In-Flight Comms

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"The Smart Brevity newsletter format is easy to use, and has provided us with key insights to alter our internal communications approach as the pandemic wore on, including the frequency of our communications."

— Lisa Kimmel, CEO of Edelman Canada

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“I never knew writing a newsletter could be so much fun or have such a quick impact on connectivity and communication! With an increasingly distributed team this tool allows everyone to stay informed, inspired, and connected.”

— Ellen Paterson, COO

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“We love the Axios HQ approach because it’s based on brain science. It helps us think about our writing differently... We’ve totally changed our approach to content with help from Axios HQ's team, and internally, we’re hearing a lot more people repeating our key messages."

— Susannah Ahlschwede, Head of Global Internal Communications

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Austin ISD

"It's been really helpful in community and trust building. In school communications, no one ever tells you, ‘Oh, I loved your communication.’ So it was kind of a shock for us to hear, ‘Thank you.’ Every week, more and more people email us."

— Cristina Nguyen, Media Relations Manager

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"Axios HQ is our solution for disjointed communications — there was too much getting shared, and staff was struggling to see, ‘What's really important?’ Axios HQ gives you the perfect format. Smart Brevity makes it feel modern and crisp and focuses people's attention."

— Jen Üner, Strategic Communications Director

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Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 9.10.35 PM-1
Benco Dental

"Everybody at the organization gets the same message with the same words, at the same time. They can interact with it in less than 10 minutes, and we can answer questions. Most importantly, Axios HQ reminds you to be crystal clear about what is going on.”

— Chuck Cohen, Managing Partner

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Trade Coffee

"Our HQ update is a chance for the management team to go on the record, simplify our news, and reiterate what it means. It’s a way to communicate efficiently, to let people digest it asynchronously — which is a big deal — and to measure if it's getting traction."

— Mike Lackman, CEO

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City of Austin

"Smart Brevity is an important tool to learn as communicators... Axios HQ is a good tool to train your brain to think differently about how you communicate. It helps structure your logic paths, too — saying this section should be bullets, or other tips. It’s so intuitive."

— Elizabeth Lewis, Communications Director

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University of South Carolina

"It is a quick and easy way to communicate — so audiences can understand why this news matters and what we want them to do about it. The style takes away all the noise and lets readers get what they need. That’s especially important in higher ed."

— Melissa Spring, Manager of Strategic Projects

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Order of Magnitude

"My workload is significantly less using Axios HQ. I used to write essays. Now we have learned how to be able to present information in a fun way. What would have taken me five hours a year ago in a different format, takes me 20 minutes in HQ."

— Cara Natterson, Founder

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Happy Money

"HQ is a way for me to extend my capabilities and my reach as a communicator. It makes it easy for me to invite others to contribute content to the weekly newsletter and provides a user-friendly way to help other people create comms that are impactful. It also keeps us organized."

— Laura Cullen, Director of Communications

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"Axios HQ has made our process faster and easier. The steps we take — going from research to writing our newsletter — has shortened by at least 50%. I don’t have to deal with formatting getting out of whack. I just research and I type. It's a timesaver, and it's also just so much more effective."

— Valeria Contreras, Creative Content Manager

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"Axios HQ is the internal communicator’s dream platform. It gives us an ability to really shine for what we do best and not worry about all the complicated technical stuff that comes along with this sometimes. It’s one of the most important channel tools in your toolbox as a communicator."

— Brooke Gabbert, Director of Communications

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