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Goal #2

Align staff and stakeholders

Communication can be the most efficient, muscular use of any leader's time. Axios HQ helps you do it.

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Effective communication creates alignment

In a world where staff and stakeholders may never return to an office, an organization's success — or even its survival — hinges on its ability to keep staff and stakeholders engaged and aligned. The issue:

  • 66% of leaders think they’re aligned with employees.

  • 44% of employees agree.

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Create a source of truth

Outdated intranets, rarely updated documentation, or other ineffective communication tools in the workplace make it harder to keep an organization aligned. Create a reliable, recurring, single source of truth. The ability to resurface vital details and directives — or add new dimensions to them as your organization evolves — is key to keeping employees and stakeholders on the same page.

When you share important information that tracks the growth and evolution of your organization, you become a must-read. Fewer essential details get lost or overlooked, and your audience is better aligned because of you.

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Have a clear vision

Articulate it well. Share larger goals and desired outcomes. Then put the right team on the right problem — and give them the space to figure out how they're going to deliver on that vision. 

Empower them with information.

Seek feedback often

Recurring surveys, communications, and conversations help catch issues and opportunities early. When people know they have a voice, they're more likely to speak up and use it. 

Support them with communication.

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Lead by example

Clear communication elicits action. Make it a priority. Speak clearly and concretely. Make change when stakeholders share feedback that will help them do their jobs more effectively.

Inspire them with action.

Align your HQ

In a modern workplace, your employees might not be in the same building — or even the same country. But when communication come from the top, it's a force multiplier. Teams stay focused on what’s important. The work they do is more valuable because of it, and their energy to excel expands right in step. Axios HQ helps you do it.

Alignment powers engagement

Axios HQ boosts alignment

Our features help you get aligned, stay aligned, and drive aligned action.

PLAN Best-practice templates

See what Walmart, JPMorgan Chase, and other leaders send their readers. HQ’s community library is full of real communications to help you get started.


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ALIGN Integrations and security

Sync your HR directory. Set up a custom domain. Enable SSO. HQ makes sure the right people get the updates they need, every time.

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MEASURE Analytics and benchmarks

Open rates, clicks, poll results, and more keep a pulse on reader engagement. Benchmarks show how you compare to other organizations like yours. 

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More on team alignment

Which tools are best for communicating with stakeholders?

Employees and stakeholders prefer communication methods like ad hoc emails, meetings, and newsletters above other communication methods. Consider that when choosing a tool that:

  1. Allows for specific audience targeting.
  2. Has templates for easy communication creation.
  3. Offers writing guidance.
  4. Lets you send directly from the tool.
  5. Includes feedback methods for continual improvement.

What is the alignment process for stakeholders?

Aligning stakeholders involves outlining expectations and goals from the start with clear, smart communications. This allows for everyone to be on the same page as projects and campaigns progress, resulting in fewer errors and better collaboration.

How do you tailor communication to stakeholders?

To ensure each stakeholder gets the information relevant to them, research what it is they need in order to do their jobs and accomplish their goals. Send them smart, clear communications geared toward helping them pursue both personal and company priorities. Also open feedback loops to ensure you're continually giving each individual what they need and want to hear about in order to be successful.
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