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The communication platform for school districts and universities

Keeping students, faculty, staff, and families on the same page has never been more critical. Axios HQ helps you bridge the gap.


Digital communications in education need to evolve

Campus and district communicators handle a lot — including a high volume of essential updates that need to get out. 

But when you're reaching students stepping between classes, educators focused on lesson plans, leaders who may be on or off campus, and families who desperately try to stay plugged in, the way you engage each needs to be as unique as they are. 

Education's communication challenges

Students and educators have changed a lot in the last few years. Most campus communications have not evolved along with them. Data from McKinsey shows...

Education 1-3
33 %
of teachers quit because of uninspiring leadership
Education 2-1
17 %
are quitting because they lack necessary resources
Education 3
16 %
are quitting because of a lack of community
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Axios HQ keeps students and staff connected

Schools and universities teach the next generation of leaders and disruptors — but many still rely on legacy communication tools and strategies because "they’ve always worked” in the past.

In reality, they're outdated, difficult to use, and leave staff, students, and donors under-informed. We believe the way you teach and communicate needs to be just as modern as what you teach and communicate.

Axios HQ gives you the tools you need for more modern, open, and engaging communication.

Axios HQ modernizes digital communications in education

Our collaborative platform is rooted in years of research but simple enough for any key communicator at your institution to pick up and get started.

Axios HQ advances internal communication in education

AI-powered brainstorming and outlines

Brainstorm the topics you know your audience needs. Then let HQ propose an outline for what your entire update could cover so you can start writing faster. 

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AI-assisted writing and translating

Whether you're revising updates from different departments or writing your own, HQ streamlines the length, style, tone, and language you want it to be. 

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Searchable system of record

Search anything you've sent. Whether you need to remember when you rolled out a benefit or what your sales numbers were last quarter, it's all in one place and easy to resurface.

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What our customers are saying

Axios HQ empowers brands — big and small — to streamline their internal communications.

“Some of our editors were hesitant to adopt a new style and evolve the way we work. The training and editing made a big difference — all of our editors embraced Smart Brevity after the 1:1 support.” Melissa Spring, Manager of Strategic Projects

USC uses Smart Brevity to keep its campus connected

The University of South Carolina used Axios HQ’s Training and Editing services to learn Smart Brevity and use it to revamp two of their most crucial campus communications.

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“I went looking for a tool I could create a communication with that would be engaging but that would also be able to be flexible in how we used it. Finding Axios HQ was gold for me. It fit all of the needs I had.” Brooke Gabbert, Director of Communications made internal comms integral to culture transitioned its essential communications from Teams and emails to an Axios HQ newsletter.

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“It's been really helpful in community and trust building. In school communications, no one ever tells you, ‘Oh, I loved your communication.’ So it was kind of a shock for us to hear, ‘Thank you.’ Every week, more and more people email us.” Cristina Nguyen, Media Relations Manager

The tool Austin ISD uses to keep staff and families in sync

Austin ISD uses Axios HQ to send two vital updates — one weekly communication that goes to families in the district and another that serves staff.

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Education communication FAQs

What is the internal communication of a school?

The internal communication for a school includes messages between staff, faculty, and key stakeholders. It’s used to keep everyone informed around the school’s mission, students, events, benefits, and more. Its goal is to keep everyone informed and aware. 

What is internal communication in university?

The internal communication for a university includes messages sent as a way to inform faculty, staff, and other key stakeholders around the university’s mission, goals, and more. It can include updates around DEI initiatives, benefits, and school events, amongst others. It serves to keep everyone informed about important updates and priorities.

What is communication in education?

Communication in education can take various forms. It can be between the organization and various stakeholders — like faculty and staff. It can also be between educators and parents, students, and others who need to be kept in the know. It can include information about grades, field trips, policies, safety, events, and more.

What is the role of communication in education?

Communication plays a key role in education. Educators need to communicate well with students for them to learn and understand topics, but they must also communicate with higher ups, parents, and more. Communication has to flow up, down, and around in order for everyone to stay on the same page as far as priorities, events, and student outcomes. 

What is positive communication in education?

Positive communication in the education industry is most often thought of as between educators and students. It’s a way of praising and encouraging students in order to foster healthy attitudes and behaviors. However, it can also be used between colleagues and with parents as a way of highlighting things that are going well in order to create a connection.

How is AI revolutionizing internal communications for universities?

AI technologies are allowing universities to quickly answer questions via chatbots and to create newsletters to keep various stakeholders informed and aligned around key priorities and goals. Communicators can use it to fill in templates and get information sent faster than ever. 

What tools can be used to improve educational communication strategy?

Educational communicators need to be able to reach a variety of stakeholders — like faculty, staff, students, and parents — quickly and easily. A good AI-powered communications platform can help them — and anyone on campus — create the updates they need even if they haven’t had formal writing training. 

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