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Your definitive Smart Brevity book

The founders of two successful media startups — Axios and Politico — share their transformative formula for capturing attention, communicating clearly, and keeping colleagues, staff, and stakeholders informed.

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What's inside the Smart Brevity book

A quick look at what you'll learn

✔️    Learn what the Smart Brevity® method is and why it works.

✔️   Explore how its format creates more memorable communications.

✔️   See real examples of Smart Brevity used for internal communications.

✔️   Get practical and tactical techniques to apply Smart Brevity at work.

✔️   Learn how it works for emails, presentations, meetings, and more. 

Bonus data from the Axios x Gallup communications study

Smart Brevity is the key to communicating with employees more effectively to improve engagement.

Why it matters: Employees who report getting enough information to do their job well are three times more likely to be engaged at work.

  • Most employees want shorter communications at work.
  • Leadership does not communicate effectively with the rest of the organization.

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A communication format for modern readers

We talked with CEOs and leaders at the smallest of start-ups to the Fortune 500. They feel the same as you probably do — buried in unread emails, unseen Slacks, or meandering updates too long or too boring to bother.

Smart Brevity is based on brain science and can radically improve your — and your team's — performance. Think:

  • 40–50% shorter communications.

  • All the same essential substance.

  • Stronger alignment. Better outcomes.

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We wrote the book — and built the software

If you want to use Smart Brevity at your organization, we have all the tools you need to bring it to life and put it to work.

Hundreds of organizations, associations, and institutions use Axios HQ — an email-based software that transforms your communications into Smart Brevity — and they've seen fast success in the response and engagement rates of their internal communications.

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What executives are saying...

The Smart Brevity book took off with top business leaders

Through history, the best leaders have often been the best communicators. Jim, Mike and Roy have created a roadmap for policymakers, business leaders and many others to radically rethink how to communicate in a clear, compelling way.

Jamie Dimon | CEO, JPMorgan Chase

Smart Brevity is the Strunk & White of the digital age. If getting your message across matters to you, this is the way to do it.

Arianna Huffington | CEO, Thrive Global

Smart Brevity is a clever, concise book that will make you a sharper communicator and a better leader. This is essential reading for anyone looking to refine their messaging, boost their efficiency and create the best corporate culture for their company.

Tory Burch | chief creative officer, Tory Burch LLC

... and what organizations are sending

Teams of all sizes use our Smart Brevity system at work to share what matters with their staff and stakeholders.

JPMC's shareholder letter

This 5-minute Smart Brevity read covers CEO Jamie Dimon's plan for an inclusive economic recovery.

Read it
Walmart's 2022 ESG report

This 1.5-minute Smart Brevity read for stakeholders focuses on Opportunity, Community, Sustainability, and Ethics.

Read it

Modern leaders trust Smart Brevity

Hear Axios CEO Jim VandeHei tell the story that sparked Smart Brevity — the style that 600+ organizations trust to make their internal communications clearer and more effective.


About the authors

Learn more about the folks who invented Smart Brevity — then wrote the book on clear, effective communication for leaders around the world.

Go deeper on Smart Brevity

Level up your Smart Brevity skills with our webinars, tailored training sessions, and newsletter consulting services.

Smart Brevity Open House

During this free one-hour webinar, a Smart Brevity expert digs into the muscle behind the Smart Brevity style — and the tips you need to apply it. 

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Smart Brevity Training

Our expert-guided courses let you dive into the research behind our proven communication format and the techniques that bring it to life.

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Smart Brevity Editing

Partner with our team to send A+ Smart Brevity newsletters that drive engagement and become your organization's source of critical information.

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Axios HQ is our AI-powered platform can help your organization plan, compose, align, and measure internal communications.

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