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It can easily edit, write, or revise any important communication you’re working on — and uses a proven methodology called Smart Brevity® to make your message even clearer and more succinct. 

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The technology behind our Smart Brevity AI Assistant

Develop internal communications that are short — but not shallow. This tool uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning to analyze the text you provide, understand its context and key points, and provide a thoughtful and impactful conclusion. 

It will structure your text using elements of Axios HQ’s Smart Brevity communication style, proven to make information clearer and more engaging for readers. 


An even more powerful version lives in Axios HQ

Axios HQ makes internal comms work — from planning to composing, sending, and analyzing the critical updates your organization needs.

Our AI Assistant, built right in, helps with all your work. We combined the editorial excellence of Axios, the communications expertise of Axios HQ, and the proven best practices of 100s of organizations around the world. 

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Weight watchers
"People underestimate how much time it takes to write. Messaging boards and social intranets can be a firehose of information, and hard to extract what’s important. I’ve struggled with past tools like Marketo and Mailchimp. Axios HQ makes team communication the easiest possible.” Anna Paskow, Employee Experience Senior Lead

How WeightWatchers scaled its global communications

WeightWatchers uses Axios HQ to keep a team of 5,000 informed, inspired, and connected.

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"Smart Brevity is a genie in a bottle that lives in HQ. It guides your writing to make sure you're staying concise and actually delivering the what’s important in your message.” Valeria Contreras, Creative Content Manager

How TAUC cut its production time 50%

The fintech platform uses Axios HQ to keep its fully distributed workforce engaged.

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"HQ is a way for me to extend my capabilities and my reach as a communicator. It also keeps us organized — knowing there’s a consistent format week to week and a place to house all of the content that we distribute to our organization.” Laura Cullen, Director of Communications

How Happy Money earns 73% open rates on internal comms

The fintech platform uses Axios HQ to keep its fully distributed workforce engaged.

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Smart Brevity resources

Take your understanding of this powerful formula to the next level with our library of free resources.

Smart Brevity: The power of saying more with less

The creators of Smart Brevity share their transformative methods for punching through the noise to get people to pay attention to what matters most.


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Smart Brevity Open House

During this free one-hour webinar, a Smart Brevity expert digs into the muscle behind the Smart Brevity style — and the tips you need to apply it. 


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Smart Brevity Checklist

This checklist helps you remember the key ingredients of Smart Brevity so your next communication is clearer, more engaging, and memorable.


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Connect with our team to learn more about our software — it includes a more powerful Smart Brevity AI, templates, and more to help you make internal communications work.

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