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Axios HQ is AI-powered software that helps organizations manage their internal communications. Plan, write, and send more effective updates proven to boost trust, transparency, and alignment.

Over 600 organizations of every size in every industry use Axios HQ

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Workplace communication has gotten noisy

Your employees, clients, and stakeholders are being bombarded with more vital details and distracting noise than ever, and it’s getting tough to keep them informed, focused and aligned. The organizations that succeed all prioritize their internal communications management.

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Leaders trust Axios HQ to break through

Hundreds of organizations use our software, templates, and AI-powered writing advice to manage their internal communications in four steps:

  1. Plan: Identify what your employees and stakeholders need.

  2. Compose: Distill updates to their core — but stay smart and specific.

  3. Align: Create a source of truth so teams have what they need to act. 

  4. Measure: Comms are a critical initiative. Track, analyze, optimize.

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AI rooted in research
and built on brain science

Axios HQ teaches you a communication style called Smart Brevity®. Refined in the Axios newsroom, we took the lessons — and data — of our best writers, and built an AI-powered tool that makes your internal updates more engaging.

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92 %
of customers say HQ streamlines their comms process
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90 %
of customers say HQ improves engagement with their comms
82 %
of customers say HQ helps them collect feedback on their comms

Smart tools for smarter communications

Axios HQ gives you all the tools you need to craft and manage internal communications that boost transparency, trust, and alignment.

Solutions for teams, org-wide

For anyone who has something essential to share, HQ can help you plan, write, and send it to the readers who need it most. And it helps leaders at every level learn to be clearer, more effective communicators.

Founders & CEOs

Set the strategy and vision for your organization. HQ helps you send vital details that keep your teams in sync and stakeholders informed. 

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Centralize your most essential updates. HQ's collaborative workspace helps you deliver updates that align internal and external stakeholders.

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Connect the dots between executives and teams. When strategy turns to execution, HQ formats effective updates that keep the trains running. 

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Department leaders

Empower and align your team and stakeholders. HQ helps you connect top-line goals and business objectives to the daily work your team does.

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"We're in a completely different era of how people consume information. Axios HQ is a good tool to train your brain to think differently about how you communicate. It’s so intuitive.” Elizabeth Lewis, Communications Director

How Delta keeps its in-flight staff informed

The airline sends its flight attendants a weekly Axios HQ update — a 2.5 minute read. 

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