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Transportation communications that are always on time

Passengers and products have places to be. Axios HQ delivers the updates that keep them on schedule.

transportation communications

Travel, transport, and logistics demand precision

Transportation gets us to work, delivers our food, facilitates our services, connects our communities, and much more. It also drives our economy, "connecting 8.1 million businesses with customers, suppliers, and workers," according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Most travel traffic is back to pre-pandemic levels, but other disruptions — like $1 billion in losses from weather disasters in 2022 — still stress the system. Smart logistics, clear communication, and safety protocols have never been more key to keeping the literal and proverbial trains running. 

Challenges in transportation communication

Passengers struggle with late arrival times — and even worse, when they don't get the updates they need to understand them. Data from the U.S. Department of Transportation shows...

Transportation 1
53 %
of flight complaints were tied to delays or cancellations
Transportation 2
155 %
is the amount complaints grew year over year
Transportation 3
50 %
is the amount disability-related complaints grew
transportation bus

Axios HQ keeps staff and passengers up to date

"Ongoing technological changes, shifting national priorities, and cultural, demographic, and economic challenges have altered expectations of what is important to report to transportation stakeholders," the U.S. Department of Transportation adds.

Axios HQ gives any transportation leader the tools, communication support, and industry-wide best practices they need keep staff connected and customers well cared for. 

Axios HQ helps you charge ahead with transportation communication

Our data-backed Smart Brevity communication methodology keeps everyone you reach aligned — no matter what you have to tell them.

Axios HQ simplifies communication in transportation

AI-assisted writing and translating

Whether you're revising updates from different departments or writing your own, Axios HQ streamlines the length, style, tone, and language you want it to be. 


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AI-powered brainstorming and outlines

Brainstorm the topics you know your audience needs. Then let Axios HQ propose an outline for what your entire update could cover so you can start writing faster. 


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Searchable system of record

Search anything you've sent. Whether you need to remember when you rolled out a benefit or what your sales numbers were last quarter, it's all in one place and easy to resurface.

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What our customers say

Leading organizations use Axios HQ to build internal comms strategies that are concise and keep everyone on the same page.

“Immediately, flight attendants noticed and appreciated when we adopted Axios’ Smart Brevity approach." Manager of In-Flight Comms

How Delta keeps its in-flight staff informed

Delta wanted a more effective way to consolidate and share curated content and information — every week — with all 21,000 of its in-flight attendants.

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“The thing that I like about this methodology is everybody at the organization gets the same message with the same words, at the same time. We have no time zone issues." Chuck Cohen, Managing Partner

How Benco Dental powers important async updates

Benco Dental uses Axios HQ to compile and send an update to 1,500 employees every Sunday.

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"We love the Axios HQ approach because it’s based on brain science and research. It helps us think about our writing differently... We’ve totally changed our approach... and internally, we’re hearing a lot more people repeating our key messages." Susannah Wesley-Ahlschwede, Head of Global Internal Communications

How Takeda modernized its message

Takeda — a 240 year-old pharmaceutical maker — needed a modern framework to communicate with its 52,000 global employees in a concise and consistent way.

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