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Careers at Axios HQ

Axios HQ is on a mission to align organizations by elevating and enhancing the communications that matter. Join us!

Roy, CEO, sharing the vision of Axios HQ

Help build it, scale it, sell it

Axios HQ is a high-growth software company. Our communication tools use brain science and generative AI to help teams communicate clearly.

  • That means staff hear directly from leaders they trust, teams see more transparent thinking, and the organization runs better, faster, smarter. 

Join Axios HQ, and you'll work in a startup-minded team with established executive leadership, and on cutting-edge communication technology that's way ahead of our competitors.


See why we're the No. 3 best employer in the U.S.

“In my first fully remote position, I've never been more connected to an organization that is so intentional with its mission, values, and DEI plan, which is reinforced through effective communication, team-building activities, and regular company-wide retreats.” – Aug. 7, 2023 

“Our leadership is incredibly transparent. We have weekly all-staff meetings and a weekly company newsletter, and when big changes happen, they are over-communicated and people reach out to me personally to check in on how I'm feeling.” – July 20, 2023 

The values that drive us

We believe in building an experience — both product and employee — that is effective, efficient, and enjoyable. Our values guide everything we do.


Diversity, equity, inclusion

We're building an organization where employees from all backgrounds and experiences are truly respected and enabled to succeed.

  • We believe a diverse team is integral to developing best-in-class products and succeeding as an organization.

We embed diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do — from our company values to our systems and processes, and our everyday interactions with each other. All HQers play a role in creating a welcoming and equitable workplace where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.

Meet our team

Meet five teammates supporting our customers, marketing, product, and long-term growth.

Tiffany Craig, Sales Operations

Tiffany is Axios HQ's head of sales ops, driving operational excellence in our go-to-market strategy to accelerate revenue growth and customer acquisition.

Mark Dominguez, Account Management

Mark is an Axios HQ senior associate, onboarding customers, teaching them HQ tips and best practices, and serving as the frontline for customer support.

Muneeb Hameed, Product Design

Muneeb is Axios HQ's senior product designer,  using empathy and intention to make HQ intuitive, elegant, and enjoyable for our customers.

Olivia Holt, Live and Virtual Events

Olivia is Axios HQ's event lead, producing elevated conversations and workshops with leaders across industries to make our clients and audience smarter, faster.

Chelsea Richardson, Account Management

Chelsea is an Axios HQ associate director, onboarding new customers and help them hit their communication goals for their staffs and stakeholders.

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The best teams run on Axios HQ because the best team runs Axios HQ. Join us!