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Axios HQ integrations

Keep your email list up to date

When your organization is growing and changing, it's critical to keep your audience lists up to date and secure. Send with strength and certainty.

Integrations made easy

Internal communications land gracefully in audience inboxes — and out of spam — with directory sync and custom domain. SSO keeps your HQ access secure. And a whole lot more.

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“Everybody at the organization gets the same message with the same words, at the same time. We have no time zone issues. They can interact with it in less than 10 minutes, and we can answer questions. Most importantly, the Axios system reminds you to be crystal clear about what is going on and why it is important. People like that a lot.” Chuck Cohen, Managing Partner

How Benco Dental powers its team's async updates

Its leaders send an HQ update to 1,500 employees every Sunday — and 50% of readers open it within two hours.

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More about integrations

What is a directory sync?

Rather than create manual email list every time you send an internal communication, your organization's HR directory — like Azure or Google — can sync with internal communication tools like Axios HQ so fluctuations in your staff lists are tracked automatically.

Which app integrations can be used with Axios HQ?

Axios HQ offers a directory sync with 16 systems: Azure, Active Directory, Bamboo HR, Breathe HR, Cyber Ark, Google, Hibob, Jump Cloud, Okta, Okta 2.0, One Login, Ping Federate, Rippling, SCIM 1.1, SCIM 2.0, Workday.
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