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Axios HQ collaboration

Collaboration made easy

Be the expert, or find the experts. Either way, you can all get to work writing the same essential communications at the same time for the same audience.

Work async, like your workforce

Unlimited collaborators means communication can truly be a team sport. Executives set the vision, leaders translate it, teams act on it. And everyone can be in Axios HQ, sending essential updates — up, down, and around — to the people who need them.

How other teams collaborate

More and more, organizations are realizing smart communication has to be both top-down and bottoms-up. Organizations big and small are adopting an "Up, down, around, and out" strategy to keep all their stakeholders aligned.


Department leaders take a snapshot of their team's brags and flags of the week, decide what to prioritize next, and put both in an HQ update.

It goes "up" to execs to keep them aware of progress.


A similar update — or the exact same one — will make its way into HQ. It has all the details, directives, and delight their team needs to stay productive and engaged.

It goes "down" to the team so they can keep sprinting.


By Monday, top execs have digested org-wide wins and needs. They'll sample news with universal impact, pull it into HQ, and write and all-hands update.

It goes "around" to staff with transparency and clarity.


The final step: customer, community, investor comms. Collect the most important stakeholder news about your organization and make sure the folks who need it see it. 

It goes "out" to the folks who are satellites to your success.

“There’s a ceremony to it. Our HQ update is a chance for the management team to go on the record, simplify our news, and reiterate what it means. It’s a way to communicate efficiently, to let people digest it asynchronously — which is a big deal — and to measure whether it's getting traction.” Mike Lackman, CEO

How Trade Coffee keeps its hybrid workforce in sync

Their young management team needed discipline to help them distill what the company was doing and why in a format anyone could access.

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