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Goal #4

Power productivity and growth

A key ingredient to employee productivity is hearing directly from leaders they trust. Axios HQ helps you offer it.

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Smart communication creates endless potential

Internal communications are getting missed in the minute-to-minute churn of emails, updates, and document dumps every organization is facing. That's quickly become the culprit of lost efficiency and productivity in the workplace. According to Gallup:

  • Only 50% of employees thoroughly read what their leaders send.

  • Only 20% strongly agree their leaders communicate effectively. 

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Motivate and measure

As a leader, one of the most powerful uses of your time is empowering and unblocking the employees and stakeholders your serve — to help them find efficiency and productivity in the workplace. When someone is doing work that is valuable to the organization and valued by its leaders, you’ll find they have much more creative energy and effective bandwidth to give.

  • The way to do that is to communicate, to keep people on the same page, to know that they’re all operating with equal information.

  • Recurring communications help you do it — from leaders at the top and also managers between them and the front lines. They are a structured way to focus your thinking and to prioritize what folks should do.

Once everyone can see the whole playing field, and they have a go-to source of information that provides their view of it, you can start to track who is engaging with it, how often they are, and who might benefit from a check-in.

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Lean on data

If you have it, use it. If you lack it, collect it. The only way to know what resonates with your employees and stakeholders is to ask. Poll them on what topics they need more or less of. Ask about the send frequency and depth of detail they value.

Use data early and often.

Listen, listen, listen

Have more conversations with more people at more levels. It'll help you communicate more transparently and authentically because you know what words, phrases, and ideas will land with your audience.

Create your own focus group.

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Test, learn, tweak

Agility is as key in communication as it is in business. Cut updates that aren’t having a visible impact, and help other leaders evaluate what content and cadence can power efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Get 1% better every day.

Grow your HQ

In a busy, distracted world, the key to efficiency and productivity in the workplace is not more words. It is far fewer, more thoughtfully shared, that will serve teams and their leaders long-term, reignite engagement, and power exciting growth. Axios HQ is your accelerator.

Growth thrives on transparency

Axios HQ boosts productivity

Our features help arm people with the information they need so they can get back to work.

PLAN Best practice templates

See what Walmart, JPMorgan Chase, and other leaders send their readers. HQ’s community library is full of real communications to help you get started.

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COMPOSE Collaborative editing

Add your colleagues, assign areas of your HQ updates, collaborate in real-time. You can even set deadlines and add instructions — all directly in HQ. 

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MEASURE Analytics and competitive benchmarks

Open rates, clicks, poll results, and more keep a pulse on reader engagement. Benchmarks show how you compare to other organizations like yours. 

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More on productivity and growth

What are some examples of productivity in the workplace?

Productivity in the workplace is any measurable output by an individual worker, team, or group at an organization. Examples include creating a report, producing a product, fixing a software bug, or any other action that can be quantified in a way that brings value to the company as a whole.

What factors increase productivity?

Many factors can increase productivity in the workplace, but some key ones are:

1. Company culture
2. Workload
3. Employee wellbeing
4. Communication
5. Employee benefits
6. Career opportunities
7. Diversity initiatives
8. Technology/tool availability

Communication has an outsized impact on productivity in the workplace

How does communication play a role in employee productivity?

When employees are better informed, fewer errors occur because individual contributors are more likely to know what is expected of them, know where to find key information they need to do their job, and stay aligned around company goals.
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