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Goal #1

Streamline communication

Most of us write too long, too fancy, too foggy when we need to be more human. Axios HQ helps you do it.

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Harness what your staff and stakeholders need

Nearly 50% of leaders say the biggest challenge they face when sharing internal communications is understanding what’s actually important to the people they reach. That leaves you with two options:

  1. Leave employees and stakeholders underserved. 

  2. Find a way to identify what empowers them.

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Understand your audience

It’s up to executives, communicators, and managers to lead the way in identifying what your readers need, which key messages aren’t connecting, and how you can optimize both to save your organization time and money.

And there's an urgency to address it: Organizations that communicate effectively are almost five times as likely to retain top employees, compared to those that don’t. Step one is to evaluate how your messages are — or aren't — resonating, then find ways to continue to streamline communication and elevate what's essential.

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Reflect on your updates

Separate which are critical to your staff's and stakeholders' success and which are adding to the clutter. Which earn higher engagement? Which provide unique context? Always stay essential.

Be audience first, always.

Survey your audience

Understand what they value, what they need to be productive, and what context helps them understand it. Then refine your approach — integrating the details, tone, and tendencies that resonate.

Be flexible and analytical.

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Choose your channel

Meet your readers where they are — rather than expecting them to search and find what they need in ad hoc updates and disparate channels. Less gets lost and overlooked.

Be strategic and empathetic.

Communicate to your HQ

A strong workforce starts with streamlined communication. It takes time, care, and empathy, but putting it at the heart of your leadership strategy will set you — and those around you — up for success. And if you aren't a natural-born communicator, look to the experts around you. Axios HQ gives you a window into their world.

Communication creates alignment

Axios HQ streamlines communication

Our features help you make your message clearer and more memorable.

COMPOSE AI-powered writing help

Our Smart Brevity guidance can reformat your text be more scannable, rephrase sentences to be clearer, remove filler words to enhance impact. 

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COMPOSE Collaborative editing and assignments

Add your colleagues, assign areas of your HQ updates, collaborate in real-time. You can even set deadlines and add instructions — all directly in HQ. 

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ALIGN Integrations and security

Sync your HR directory. Set up a custom domain. Enable SSO. HQ makes sure the right people get the updates they need, every time. 

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More on streamlining internal communication

How can you streamline internal communication?

To streamline internal communications, think about what you're sending, what your audience needs to know most, and where they can best access that information.

  1. Audit current sends to see where overlap or gaps in coverage occur.

  2. Plan a consistent cadence centered around the topics employees want to hear about most.

  3. Use a communications management platform to create consistent, on-brand messages.

  4. Create an open feedback loop to continually improve based on audience feedback.

Why should you streamline communication?

When all parties are aligned via streamlined communications, workplace errors go down, company culture often improves, and productivity rises, all of which can have a huge impact on your bottom line and employee engagement and retention rates.
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