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Tune in: AI HQ

An original series that takes you to the heart of the AI revolution — and its implications for society, industry, communication, and our future.

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Ep. 4: Percy Liang

In episode four, you meet Together AI's cofounder and associate professor at Stanford, running the Center for Research on Foundation Models. His decades of research is defining a path to understand, measure, and score how transparent new AI models are about how they operate. 

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Ep. 3: Ori Goshen

In episode three, you meet AI21 Labs' co-founder. He’s been a champion of natural language processing and is on a mission to turn machines into the ultimate thought partner. His models are helping consumers and enterprises alike. 

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Ep. 2: Emad Mostaque

In episode two, you meet Stability AI’s co-founder and CEO. His company had a meteoric rise to $1 billion valuation, he believes strongly in open-source AI, and he asked tough questions — like how can AI competitors expect users to trust them if you don’t disclose technical details? Then there was a media whirlwind that challenged Stability AI’s own claims.

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Episode 1: Noam Shazeer

Ep. 1: Noam Shazeer

In our first conversation, you meet Character.AI’s co-founder and CEO. He helped build the “T” in “GPT” and worked on industry-changing projects like LaMDA at Google. He joins Roy and Dylan to talk about Character.AI, super intelligence, and how to democratize the future of AI.

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About the series

AI HQ is an Axios HQ original event and podcast series. Each episode will introduce you to a titan or trailblazer of AI, the folks whose names you may — or may not — know, but the ones shaping the most transformative technology of our time.

Your two hosts for every episode: 

  • Dylan Pearce, a venture capitalist focused on AI.
  • Roy Schwartz, the CEO of Axios HQ – an AI-powered internal communication software.

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AI’s market is expected to skyrocket to $110 billion by 2030. Now is the moment for leaders to think strategically about how they can use AI to its full effect.

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