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Founders and CEOs

Communication is the heart of your executive leadership strategy

It has never been harder — or more important — to keep employees, stakeholders, and clients on the same page. Axios HQ helps you do it.

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It's time to rethink how you lead an organization

You could have the smartest people, strongest strategy, and endless capital — but your team is set up to fail without clear communication.

That's hard enough to do, but when we sit down with founders and CEOs, many admit their reality is even worse: They're set up to lead in an era that no longer exists — the in-person workplace.  And while they spend most of their time communicating, no one has ever taught them how to do it well.

Why it matters

Employees who get enough information to do their job well are...

2.8 x
more likely to be engaged
1.3 x
more likely to be thriving
4 x
less likely to experience burnout

What we're hearing from CEOs

When you are at your busiest, make time to communicate. In the end, it will save you time because your people will stay focused on the right work.

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AI can radically transform your communication

There's no replacement for critical thinking.

But modern brain science can tell us what keeps busy readers better engaged. And cutting-edge AI can learn everything about it — then help shape your internal communications into their most impactful form.

Axios HQ is the tool helping founders and CEOs modernize how they lead.

Modern CEOs trust Axios HQ

Whether you're writing an all-hands update or a board report, HQ will help you break through the noise. These are just a few of the leaders who use it.

See how CEOs and founders communicate

They use Axios HQ to explain the "why" behind their vision, news, and strategies.

JPMC's annual shareholder letter

This 5-minute read covers CEO Jamie Dimon's plan for an inclusive economic recovery.

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Walmart's 2022 ESG report

This 1.5-minute read for stakeholders focuses on Opportunity, Community, Sustainability, and Ethics.

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For three or four months I tried to copy Axios without using HQ. We failed. I needed a system that could teach us the style and help other people on my team learn it, too. I’ve become a big fan since we signed on, and I'm rolling it out in more areas of the organization.

Chuck Cohen | Managing Partner, Benco Dental

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My workload is significantly less using Axios HQ. What would have taken me five hours a year ago, in a different format, takes me 20 minutes in HQ. And for readers, the format feels much more effective in getting information across.

Cara Natterson | Founder, Order of Magnitude

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Executive insights

How do you communicate with C-level or executives leadership?

Executives are busy. They don't need fluffy, time-consuming emails. When communicating with C-level individuals, consider these tips:

  1. Keep it short. Save time by getting to the point quickly.

  2. Be clear. Don't hide what you're asking or looking for.

  3. Put the most important items up front in case they scan your email or don't have time to get to it all.

  4. Don't be afraid to ask clarifying questions as needed.

  5. Follow up as needed.

What is executive communication?

Executive communication is any form of communication — whether it's written, verbal, or virtual — between a top leader and employees. However, due to the various number of employees they must interact with, executives cannot rest on merely repeating the same information verbatim at every level. They need to parse out critical info and reinforce key details — customizing updates for each area of the business.

What are examples of executive communication?

Many think of all-company email updates from CEOs as the prime example of executive communication, but other key examples include all-hands meetings announcements, team chats, 1:1 checkins, coffee meetups, Slack messages, and more. They are any method someone in the C-suite uses to keep employees aligned around company goals and values and moving in the same direction. See real examples.
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