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How Order of Magnitude cut newsletter production time 93% with Axios HQ

Its founder streamlined the process without sacrificing quality.

The challenge: When Cara Natterson made the shift from a consultant in pediatrics to the founder of a puberty-positive health company, she wanted a new strategy to keep all the parents who subscribed to her newsletter engaged and educated. It had to be:

  • Modern: Longform writing worked for parents and readers at the start of the pandemic, but as people went back to their normal routines, they had less time to read. Cara needed a format that was “clear, concise and could point readers to what they needed to know in a certain order.”
  • Collaborative: Cara and her business partner live on opposite sides of the country, but work together on every newsletter. They needed something that could streamline their process and make it faster and more efficient. 

The solution: Order of Magnitude now plans, composes, sends, and tracks its newsletter — “The Awkward Roller Coaster” — with Axios HQ. It’s written in the tool’s signature Smart Brevity® style, proven to keep readers more engaged, and their newsletter consistently earns a 60% open rate. 

💭  Cara Natterson, Founder:

  • “My workload is significantly less using HQ. I used to write essays. Now we just write in HQ, and we have learned how to be able to present information in a fun way. What would have taken me five hours a year ago in a different format, takes me 20 minutes in HQ.” 
  • “Our engagement is bananas. The analytics in HQ make it very easy to track. So when we spend time creating a newsletter and then 60% of our audience actually reads it, it makes us want to do a better and better job each time. It’s incredible.”

How it works: Every week, Cara and her business partner Vanessa hop on a Zoom, jump into HQ, and collaborate in each card of their weekly newsletter to share all the insight their readers expect about what it’s like to raise a teen or tween — their bodies, their friendships, their brains, and their social and emotional experience.

🧠  Cara's words of encouragement:

  • “As a writer, I'm sorry to say this, but people don't read as much as we want to write. We lose people because the world is a busy place and attention spans have grown shorter. So, for readers, this format feels much more effective in getting information across. And for writers, it’s incredibly efficient.”



Order of Magnitude earned Axios HQ's 2023 Best-in-Class award for Creative Comms. See our other award winners:


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