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How TAUC cut its newsletter production time 50%

The association uses Axios HQ to simplify and amplify their vital updates

The challenge: The Association of Union Constructors (TAUC) was looking for a faster and easier way to share important industry news with its members – contractors in the union construction and maintenance industry. It had to be:

  • Versatile: Their old system was “too clunky,” and it took a lot of time for the team to compile and distill the news their members urgently needed. 
  • Powerful: Their updates are important, but their readers are tough to reach. They needed a guiding format that could help ensure their message is heard. 

The solution: TAUC uses Axios HQ to send its newsletters — “Tripartite,” sharing industry and association news, and “DC Download,” sharing everything the legal experts in their community need.

💭  Valeria Contreras, Creative Content Manager: 

  • “Axios HQ has made our process faster and easier. The steps we take — going from research to writing our newsletter — has shortened by at least 50%. I don’t have to deal with formatting getting out of whack. I just research and I type. It's a timesaver, and it's also just so much more effective — in open rates and people actually reading what you send them.”
  • “Smart Brevity is a genie in a bottle that lives in HQ. It guides your writing to make sure you're staying concise and actually delivering the what’s important in your message. I’m good at writing, but it gives amazing suggestions. If I can take five words and say the same thing in two words, I’ve saved everyone time.”

🧠  Valeria's words of encouragement:

  • Communication is what connects people and creates understanding between different groups, whether that's executives and employees, or that's association with members. It increases loyalty, increases engagement, increases participation because everyone knows what's going on. So having that open path of communication back and forth allows for a fluid work environment, whether it's between businesses, members, executives, or employees. Axios HQ helps you do it.”



TAUC earned Axios HQ's 2023 Best-in-Class award for Community Engagement. See our other award winners:


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