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Axios HQ best-practice templates

Communication best-practice templates

Industry-leading organizations share the real-life communications they send to staff, customers, or stakeholders. We give you the templates and style guides you need to create and send your own.

Kickstart your communications

HQ's templates, community library, and custom style guides makes sure you never have to start from scratch. Pick from dozens of customer-submitted templates, or create one — or two, or three — uniquely your own. Each send starts off a whole lot easier.

Learn from the best

Smart Brevity is a flexible framework — and our growing template library helps you see all the ways it has worked for us, it is working for others, and it can work for you.


Communication can feel like a black box, but with Axios HQ, it's a team sport. Curious what Walmart's ESG report looks like? It's in there. Want to know what JPMC sends its shareholders? In there, too. 

Explore what small teams to global enterprises send.


Once you develop a rhythm, HQ can make each update easier for you. Sketch out the topics you want to cover each day or each week. Save it to your private template library to use each time you write. 

From setup to send, your vital updates hit inboxes faster.


Cross-org transparency fuels efficiency, community, and trust. Share your templates with your colleagues to set expectations, standardize details, and streamline approach.  

Internal communications, org-wide, get more effective.


As your organization grows and evolves, your templates can, too. Whether you send onboarding emails to new hires or business reviews to your board, they're always easy to update.

Updates stay smart and engaging, just like you.

"As our Social Impact work grows, we recognized smart communications would be crucial. Axios HQ is a streamlined platform to communicate with our employees around the world, and the ability to easily customize our messaging for regional audiences." Richard Socarides, Chief Communications Officer

How GLG earns 80%+ open rates on its vital updates

GLG uses Axios HQ for three recurring newsletters that showcase its nonprofit work and deepen employee participation across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. 

Read their case study

More about communication templates

What are communication templates?

Axios HQ's community template library makes sure you never have to start from scratch. Industry-leading organizations share the real-life communications they send to staff, customers, or stakeholders. You get a window into their world and can turn any one of them into a template to inspire your next send.

What types of templates will I find in the best practice library?

Axios HQ customers can search dozens of real-life internal communications that best-in-class organizations submitted to their community library. The library includes everything from all-staff updates, HR benefits, ESG reports, shareholder letters, executive briefings, association updates, department news, project progress, and more. See real examples.

Does it contain email newsletter templates for stakeholders, customers, etc.?

Yes! Axios HQ's community library includes real-life internal communications from organizations large and small. Stakeholder updates, client news, shareholder communications, association member updates, and many other examples are all featured among HQ's best-practice templates.

Does it contain templates for essential HR communications?

Yes! Axios HQ's community library has an entire section dedicated to HR and People Ops updates. We recognize these are some of the most common, critical, and sometimes sensitive communications an organization has to share. Our library of examples covers new hire onboarding, DEI updates, benefits enrollments, performance reviews, and many other HR-focused templates.
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Whether you're crafting an all-staff, DEI, or client update — we have a template in our library to help get you started. Connect with our team to get access.

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