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More helpful, professional communication in healthcare

The need for precision in staff and practitioner communication has never been higher. Axios HQ helps you take care of it.

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Communication systems in healthcare are broken

Communication has always been hard. Jargon puts providers and patients on different planes. Shifting policy and regulation means administrators need to keep staff current, even though their time is stretched. And few are sitting in front of a screen, able to open an update the moment it lands. 

In too many cases, this lack of alignment is made worse by the outdated, overly complex communication platforms delivering the message. 

Healthcare's communication challenges

Broken internal communication systems have a dramatic impact on employee experience and patient care. Data from the Joint Commission shows...

Healthcare 1-2
80 %
of medical errors were caused by communication issues
Healthcare 2-2
37 %
of patient hand-offs are considered defective
Healthcare 3-4
21 %
of handoffs leave caregivers feeling dissatisfied
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Axios HQ streamlines healthcare communication

Effective healthcare relies on three things: clear information, effective decision making, and intense respect and empathy for the colleague, customer, or patient you're working with. But many administrators admit they sometimes struggle to keep a pulse on what insight people need or how to trickle it to them in an effective way. 

Axios HQ gives you reader insights and best-practice templates that build a clear communication path between you and the people who rely on you.

Axios HQ is your healthcare communication solution

Our platform is one of the top communication systems in healthcare — so you can focus on delivering industry-leading patient care.

Axios HQ offers new communication systems in healthcare

Smart Brevity Guidance

Our real-time editing guidance can reformat your text to be more scannable, rephrase sentences to be clear, and remove filler words to enhance impact. 

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AI-powered brainstorming and outlines

Brainstorm the topics you know your audience needs. Then let HQ propose an outline for what your entire update could cover so you can start writing faster. 

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Searchable system of record

Search anything you've sent. Whether you need to remember when you announced a new patient care policy or how you handled a specific situation, it's all in one place and easy to resurface.

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What our customers are saying

The world's most trusted brands use Axios HQ to streamline their communications.

"We love the Axios HQ approach because it’s based on brain science and research. It helps us think about our writing differently... Internally, we’re hearing a lot more people repeating our key messages back to us since." Susannah Wesley-Ahlschwede, Head of Global Internal Communications

Takeda modernized comms without losing its brand

Takeda needed a modern framework to communicate with its 52,000 global employees in a concise and consistent way.

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“The thing that I like about this methodology is everybody at the organization gets the same message with the same words, at the same time. " Chuck Cohen, Managing Partner

The tool Benco Dental uses to power its teams' async updates

Benco Dental uses HQ to compile and send an update to 1,500 employees every Sunday morning.

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“My workload is significantly less using HQ. I used to write essays. Now we just write in HQ, and we have learned how to be able to present information in a fun way. What would have taken me five hours a year ago in a different format, takes me 20 minutes in HQ.” Cara Natterson, Founder

Order of Magnitude cut production time 93%

Order of Magnitude now plans, composes, sends, and tracks its newsletter with Axios HQ, which consistently earns a 60% open rate. 

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Healthcare communication FAQs

How can you ensure effective communication in healthcare?

In the healthcare industry, you need to assess your current communication channels to ensure they meet patient and provider needs in today’s day and age. That may mean updating to modern communication software in order to streamline communications. It’s also important to:

  • Have a way for patients to contact care providers outside office hours
  • Have mobile-friendly communication capabilities
  • Employ a way for staff to communicate with one another
  • Get feedback from individuals about what’s working and what’s not

Why is effective communication important in a healthcare setting?

Patients don’t always understand medical jargon. They need providers who can explain what they need to know, which may mean sending information in a followup message. Providers and staff also need to be able to quickly and accurately communicate with one another in order to provide better patient outcomes. 

What are the main methods of communication in healthcare?

Much of healthcare communication is still done face-to-face or through medical records. However, more and more, telehealth, email, and other messaging channels are used to communicate in a healthcare setting. 

What does a communications director do?

Communications directors are in charge of all internal and external communications for an organization. This includes setting the tone and communication style cascaded throughout the organization. They often also serve as overseer of public relations personnel and as the main contact for any media inquiries.

What is one element of good communication in healthcare?

Good communication in healthcare should always include a way for all parties involved to communicate — whether that’s doctors with patients or providers with their office staff. That’s why it’s important to implement communications software and platforms that have an unlimited number of seats at the table. 

What are effective communication techniques in healthcare?

Effective healthcare communication should be clear above all else because there is no room for mistakes. It should also be:

  • Timely. Ensure you’re getting stakeholders the info they need when they need it. 
  • Informative. Individuals need to know what to do, when to do it, and what other actions to take. But don’t bury it in heavy text or too long conversations. 
  • Personable. Remember you’re dealing with people. Talk to them accordingly.
  • Verbal and non-verbal. Look for clues in gestures and body language.

What is an example of communication in healthcare?

Examples of healthcare communication can include:

  • Emailed office updates
  • Patient care information
  • Telehealth visits
  • Interactions with office staff
  • Patient Portals 

How is AI revolutionizing internal communications for the healthcare industry?

Within the healthcare industry, AI is being used to answer patient questions faster than ever. It’s also assisting with administrative tasks as well as patient diagnosis and treatment. 

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