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AI-powered writing help

Generative AI is your new assistant. Axios HQ helps you harness its power and put it to work — brainstorming critical communications, synthesizing key details, and keeping voice, tone, and messaging consistent.

We're committed
to safe, responsible AI

Axios HQ is an internal communications platform that incorporates the latest in AI technology — including ChatGPT — in clear, safe, and intentional ways. These are our values.

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Your information is protected in Axios HQ. We have OpenAI-powered features, but we do not let OpenAI use your text to train its technology. 

Our features serve you. Your content serves your audience, and them alone. 

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Customer data is encrypted in transit and at rest — and it is isolated from other customer data at every step of the way for maximum security.

Our features safeguard you. Your data is something only you see. 


Our team is transparent about the training data in our first-party models and transparent about the third-party models incorporated into our product.

Our features guide you. Your team can ask any questions about them. 

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Our team uses logging and monitoring best practices to ensure Axios HQ's generative AI outputs remain fair, consistent, and quality. 

Our features reflect you. Your trust in our product is our top priority.

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AI will never replace critical thinking. But HQ's AI-powered features can hammer out an idea, draft, or even an image. You just focus on refining it. 

Our features amplify you. Your attention can turn to higher-level work. 

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HQ's AI helps you...

Think — while you prioritize what readers need to know

Sharp communication reflects sharp thinking, and this set of AI features gives you the option to remove the blank page from of your life forever. We'll help find key follow-ups, instantly build outlines, and search for relevant internal details so you move from planning to writing much faster.

Our key features:

  • Topic suggestions — analyze past sends to identify key follow-ups.
  • Smart outlines — turn any text into an outline for your next update.
  • Template builder — expand an outline with formatting and placeholder text. 
  • Content archive — ask HQ to find data, goals, or other details you've shared.
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HQ's AI helps you...

Write — as you compile the context they need

Time is the most precious resource you have, and this set of AI features saves you as much of it as modern technology can. We'll supercharged your writing process with proactive content suggestions, creative visual ideas, and the option to use or lose whichever you wish.

Our key features:

  • Assisted writing — instantly turn any topic into a crisp Smart Brevity update.
  • Thought starters — let AI share your next headline, Axiom, or sentence. 
  • Image creator — create custom imagery with OpenAI's DALL-E 2.
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HQ's AI helps you...

Edit — so your messages stay memorable

Length is fear, and brevity is confidence. This set of AI features help you catch mistakes, optimize your formatting for peak engagement,  and stay succinct without sacrificing substance.

Our key features:

  • Assisted editing — quickly shorten, expand, or add styling to an update.
  • Tone change — use consistent, inclusive language across your HQ updates.
  • Language translator — reach your teams wherever they are, how they need.
  • Smart Brevity Guidance — get proven tips to make updates more effective.
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Axios HQ's AI-powered features
supercharge your writing process

Consider it your communication co-pilot — and we're constantly releasing new AI features that will make your process even faster and more efficient. These are some of our users' favorites.

"Axios HQ has made our process faster and easier. The steps we take — going from research to writing our newsletter — has shortened by at least 50%. It's a timesaver, and it's also just so much more effective — in open rates and in people actually reading what you send." Creative Content Manager

TAUC cut newsletter production time 50%

The Association of Union Constructors was looking for a faster way to share critical news with members.

Read their case study

More about AI-powered editing

What is AI writing / generative AI?

AI writing and generative-AI tools are pieces of software that propose — or "generate" — text based on a question you ask, idea you begin to type and want to expand, or other input you offer. They assist with idea generation and content creation to save you time. Instead of starting form scratch, you can react to, enhance, or improve what they propose and get to a high-quality piece of communication faster.

How AI can be used in HR?

AI can be used to improve the quality and clarity of critical HR communications — from DEI updates to employee onboarding to benefit announcements to job postings and more. It can produce your first draft from a few short prompts, propose changes in formatting and information to be more engaging, and even share best practices based on your audience and use case.

How do I write an email with an AI tool?

AI-powered tools can help you write an email faster and more effectively. Axios HQ uses generative AI and a proprietary communication methodology called Smart Brevity to help you brainstorm and plan important topics to share in your internal emails, structure them in a clear and engaging way, propose context or additions that speed up your writing process, and keep track of the details you've sent by email in case you need to resurface or use them again in the future.

How can AI be used in internal communications?

Generative AI can radically reimagine how your organization creates essential communication for employees, customers, and stakeholders. It won’t replace the long-term planning, critical thinking, and delicate mission, vision, and roadmap creation — but it can take over low-lift tasks so you can spend more time on that higher-order execution.

It is already helping teams:

1. Make writing easier for non-communicators.
2. Shorten production time.
3. Increase productivity and output.
4. Lower training costs.
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