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Best-in-Class communications

Axios HQ's awards celebrate organizations that break the mold with their communications. From exceptional staff updates to strong community engagers, the winners earn their readers' trust and engagement.

The world's top brands trust Axios HQ

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American Airlines and FDRA

Leaders from American Airlines and FDRA share the comms strategies helping them create clarity.

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WeightWatchers and Domtar

Leaders from WeightWatchers and Domtar on comms strategies to create engagement.

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American Airlines

American Airlines constantly looks for ways to raise the bar on how it keeps its 100,000-plus team members informed and engaged regardless of location. With a predominantly untethered workforce, providing a modern and dynamic communications experience is essential to keeping them informed while on the go. 

Through this digital-first approach, the airline was able to centralize its newsletter process and leverage the Axios HQ platform to produce more than 20 recurring newsletters in a streamlined and cohesive manner.

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WeightWatchers was doing a health check on its own internal comms and saw an opportunity. As a global team, they needed staff updates to better spotlight their community, markets, and teams' successes. 

They launched The Bite, a weekly bulletin of important initiatives, team achievements, employee highlights and more. With open rates as high as 80%, it's their blueprint for internal comms — and they’ve launched five additional staff updates with the same style.  

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Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America

The 80-year-old organization has a 10-person team, serving 4,000 influential business-leading members and investors. But FDRA needed a more effective way to capture the industry’s attention, stay relevant in the ways they communicate, and reflect the value of their work.

They developed more than 20 distinct communications. Its marquee member update — called “What I’m Hearing” — comes weekly from their CEO, and its engagement has doubled since shifting their strategy.

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Best in Class awards_2024_final_Social-Culture creator

Husch Blackwell Strategies

Husch Blackwell Strategies keeps business leaders, stakeholders, and clients across the country plugged into state and federal legislative updates.

They trust Axios HQ to deliver in-the-moment news to subscribers, earning 50-70% open rates, and weekly internal updates, earning 90%+ open rates.

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Paper Excellence Group acquired Domtar. Domtar acquired Resolute Forest Products Inc. CEO transitions and integration activities were ahead. Through it all, Domtar needed to make sure its dynamic workforce of over 6,000 office and manufacturing workers were informed and connected.

Domtar sends a biweekly corporate digest to all staff and a biweekly local digest to employees at its corporate offices. Its shifts in strategy moved open rates from 12% to 50%–79%.

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See our 2023 and 2022 winners

2023: Best all-staff comms

Happy Money's weekly update earns a 73% open rate, covering industry news, company updates, leader perspectives, product launches, and team stories that help staff connect the dots between their roles and business goals.

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2023: Smart Brevity champ transitioned its internal communications from Teams and emails to a newsletter called “Your Weekly Dose.” They send it to leaders and sales each week, covering updates, trends, and day-to-day aspects of their jobs.

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2023: Best creative comms

Order of Magnitude plans, composes, sends, and tracks its newsletter — “The Awkward Roller Coaster” — with Axios HQ, and their newsletter consistently earns a 60% open rate. 

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2023: Best comms for community engagement

The Association of Union Constructors sends two key newsletters: “Tripartite,” sharing industry and association news, and “DC Download,” sharing everything legal experts in their community need.

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2022: Best all-staff comms

Trade Coffee's young management team needed a proven way to keep hybrid staff in sync. Its weekly all-staff update consolidates industry news, product launches, marketing bets and more to keep staff informed.

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2022: Best asynchronous comms strategy

Benco Dental needed to keep 1,500 office and frontline staff connected. Its Sunday morning update earns a 50% open rate within two hours — and continues to tick up from there. 

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2022: Best comms for community engagement

Austin ISD needed a way to keep its community and faculty informed. Austin ISD send two vital updates — one weekly communication that goes to families in the district and another that serves its staff — to build trust.

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2022: Best change management comms

LRN, the No. 1 company in its market, absorbed the No. 2. Its team was navigating sensitive ground — merging into a single corporate structure and rebranding — and found a creative way to keep all employees engaged.

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