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Our Success team can answer any questions you have about using the tool, optimizing your HQ updates or getting the most out of your organization's investment in Smart Brevity®. 

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We're always looking for feedback on what you love about HQ, what you would like to see change, and which new features could make it even more valuable to your team. 

Security reports

We're building HQ to help you share important — and at times sensitive — company updates with your colleagues. Security is our core priority. If you have a vulnerability or concern to report, our team is always here.  

Abuse claims

HQ is a communication platform for teams and organizations. We expect our customers to uphold a high standard of professionalism. If you think someone is abusing this product, please let us know.

Privacy policy

We want to build an indispensable platform that helps people get smarter, faster on the world, their industry and their workplace.

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