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Goal #6

Improve workplace culture and connection

Hybrid has made it harder than ever to keep teams connected and culture alive. Axios HQ helps you achieve it.

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Teach others to share your mission and message

Executives can’t be the only ones beating the drum. Managers have a powerful role to play in reinforcing staff goals and cascading new or evolving company priorities that play a massive role in improving workplace culture.

  • The upside on that idea is strong. “We’ve done research at Salesforce that shows 75% of our employees trust the information their manager shares with them the most,” says Brad Burns, CCO at Salesforce. 

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Be human and authentic

Every organization must invest in its managers. If you were office-based or a co-located company even 18 months ago, most of your leaders might have never seen — let alone steered — a remote team.

  • Task one: Teach leaders how to inspire, engage and communicate with remote workers, connecting the dots between executives’ big-picture messaging and the unique work each team delivers.

  • Task two: Help leaders learn to measure productivity in modern ways — moving away from attendance-driven models to outcome-driven ideas — so the updates they send to execs are clear and useful, too.

Both will require hands-on training and support, and a lot of patient empathy, but it will help managers create and sustain the culture you know will keep employees and stakeholders more connected. 

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Restate your North Star

Help people know what you're working toward. A meaningful mix of your mission, vision, and values, your North Star keeps employees and stakeholders focused on the same shared goal.

Help your people find purpose.

Open a direct line

As your organization grows, it's vital to preserve a way for people to connect with executives, share their ideas for improving workplace culture. How you do it may change. Prioritizing it is key.

Protect time for genuine connection.

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Prioritize empathy

In everything you communicate, check tone and wording. Empathy is incredibly important — and showing an awareness of it will help bring down real and virtual walls between distributed teams.

Build trust with humility and empathy.

Connect your HQ

With skilled communicators across the organization, information starts to move up, down and around the team with greater ease. Managers learn a new skill. Teams stay more engaged. Executives are better informed. A culture of clear, effective communication takes hold. Axios HQ helps you keep folks connected.

Connection streamlines communication

Axios HQ builds connection

Our features help you keep teams aligned, engaged, and connected — wherever they are.

PLAN Design customization and branding

Pull in the logos, colors and email-safe fonts that make your communication look and feel like… you!... without losing the format that keeps readers engaged.

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COMPOSE Collaborative editing and assignments

Add your colleagues, assign areas of your HQ updates, collaborate in real-time. You can even set deadlines and add instructions — all directly in HQ. 

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ALIGN Integrations and security

Sync your HR directory. Set up a custom domain. Enable SSO. HQ makes sure the right people get the updates they need, every time. 

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More on culture and connection

How to improve workplace culture

Improving company culture starts with clear, effective communications that foster strength, trust, and community at all levels. Cascade communications up, down, and around your organization to ensure employees feel aligned around goals and values, are kept informed on important company issues, and have a way to express feedback in order to address any lingering issues.

How can you improve bad workplace culture?

Communication is a clear first step in managing workplace culture. Transparent, effective communication keeps employees connected, aligns individuals and allows for consistent feedback so improvements can be made. To improve workplace culture:

  1. Identify areas of weakness by gathering employee feedback.

  2. Craft a consistent communications cadence to keep employees informed around key goals and values.

  3. Ensure leaders embody those values and encourage them in employees.

  4. Recognize team and individual contributions.

  5. Keep the employee feedback loop open and continue to listen and act on suggestions.

Why improve workplace culture?

An organization with a healthy workplace culture sees increases in employee productivity, engagement, and retention. Not to mention it attracts top talent. By taking the time to improve culture, it can have lasting impacts on the bottom line and overall success and future of the company.
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