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Jim VandeHei Co-founder of Axios

Jim VandeHei
Co-founder of Axios

A better way to communicate

Two years ago, a half-dozen corporations — and one school teacher — separately called us with a surprising question: Can you help us communicate with the clarity and efficiency of an Axios newsletter writer?
  • At first, we dismissed it. But as a half dozen calls grew to 20 or more, we set in motion a detailed exploration of why so many leaders struggle to communicate effectively. 
Our findings: Even the most sophisticated companies were getting clogged by the minute-to-minute churn of emails, messages and document dumps. Worse, they're clogged at the very moment their company is changing faster than ever — making it impossible to keep up.
  • They needed important updates, synthesized into what’s new and what matters, stacked in a logical hierarchy.
Our solution: Axios HQ. We took the lessons — and data — of our best writers and built a tool to distill important information and distribute it one-to-many.
  • We made it a joy to use by obsessing about simplicity.

  • We mandated anyone could pick it up with minimal instruction.

  • Our stretch goal: Make readers happier and writers more self-confident.
The result: It took off in Fortune-100 companies and smaller shops alike. It's helped us build an award-winning company and culture, and we feel confident it can do the same for you. 


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