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Axios HQ

The only Essential Communications Management platform

Axios HQ is an AI-powered software that helps organizations of all sizes plan, write, and send essential comms that boost trust, transparency, and alignment.

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HQ started in a newsroom

In 2016, a half-dozen corporations separately called Axios' founders with a surprising question: Can you help us communicate with the clarity and efficiency of your newsletter writers?

  • At first, we dismissed it.

  • But as a half dozen calls grew to 20 or more, we started to explore why so many leaders struggle to communicate effectively.

Our findings: Even the most sophisticated organizations get clogged by the minute-to-minute churn of ineffective communication. They need vital updates, synthesized into what’s new and what matters.


Our AI-powered writing tips made it a smash

We took the lessons — and data — of Axios' best writers and built a powerful software that helps you plan, write, send, and track essential updates that break through to busy readers.

  • We made it a joy to use by obsessing about simplicity.

  • We made it useful to organizations large and small by using cutting-edge technology that can elevate any message they need to share.

450+ organizations trust HQ —
from startups to the Fortune 500

Axios HQ helps them send everything from all-staff updates, to department-level news, to customer communications and more.

Our leaders

  • Roy Schwartz-2
    Roy Schwartz, CEO
  • jordan zaslav
    Jordan Zaslav, General Manager
  • Lindsey Sullivan
    Lindsey Sullivan, VP of Sales
  • dave cumberland
    Dave Cumberland, CTO
  • diana4
    Diana Ciontea, VP of Finance
  • Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 3.57.17 PM
    Chike Farrell, VP of Marketing
  • Connie Marean
    Connie Marean, VP of People
  • Tristyn Hassani
    Tristyn Hassani, Chief of Staff
  • Marcus. Moretti
    Marcus Moretti, Head of Product

Build HQ with us

Join Axios HQ, and you'll work in a startup-minded team with established executive leadership, and on cutting-edge communication technology that's way ahead of our competitors.

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The Wall Street Journal Axios's Software Business Raises Cash to Fund AI Expansion

Axios’s software business raised $20 million from investors that it plans to use to build new artificial-intelligence-powered communication tools with the help of ChatGPT creator OpenAI.

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NY Times Axios wants us to read everything in bullet points

The news organization that prides itself on short-format writing has big plans to expand in local news, paid newsletters and even the emails sent by your bosses.

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Digiday Axios has made $1M in revenue from its 8-month-old software business

Axios has spun up a seven-figure software licensing business in less than a year.

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