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Build stronger communication in engineering and construction

Efficient, sustainable operations are a modern-day imperative. Axios HQ makes sure your employee and customer communications keep pace, too.

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Your digital tools will define your competitive edge

Engineering and Construction have been wildly resilient though the same economic turmoil that left most companies struggling. Leaders' general appreciation of agility and adaptability have kept operations highly nimble and efficient. An eagerness to embrace change will only help them thrive.

Deloitte's 2024 Outlook predicts digital transformation in the industry — or using AI to design, execute, and improve key operations — will be the marker of Engineering and Construction teams that will be innovative enough to survive and shape our future.

The communication gap in engineering and construction

Strong communication creates the blueprint for strong company culture. But right now, engineering and construction companies are struggling to attract talent. Data from Deloitte shows...

Engineering 1-1
69 %
of firms plan to increase headcount in the next year
HR 3-1
68 %
of firms are struggling to fill open positions
Engineering 3-1
77 %
of firms think diversifying their workforce is crucial
Engineering lower

Axios HQ brings AI into your communications

Companies struggle to hire and retain talented engineers. They're leaders of their craft and passionate about their work, but they could use a little support to make sure they're all informed and engaged, learning and upskilling, and aware of their health and safety benefits.

Axios HQ gives engineering and construction leaders an AI-powered platform that makes engaging your current or potential workforce easier to do. It's proven to work across organizations and industries of all sizes. Consider it the measure twice, cut once of communication.

Axios HQ understands the importance of communication skills in engineering

Axios HQ builds stronger communication in engineering

AI-powered brainstorming and outlines

Brainstorm the topics you know your audience needs. Then let HQ propose an outline for what your entire update could cover so you can start writing faster. 


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AI-assisted writing and translating

Whether you're revising updates from different departments or writing your own, HQ streamlines the length, style, tone, and language you want it to be.

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Analytics and competitive benchmarks

Open rates, clicks, poll results, and more keep a pulse on reader engagement. Benchmarks show how you compare to other organizations like yours. 

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What our customers say

Leading internal communication teams use Axios HQ to streamline their processes and build stronger connections.

"Axios HQ has made our process faster and easier. It's a timesaver, and it's also just so much more effective — in open rates and people actually reading what you send them." Valeria Contreras, Creative Content Manager

How TAUC cut comms production time 50%

The Association of Union Constructors was looking for a faster and easier way to share important news with its members — contractors in the union construction and maintenance industry.

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“Smart Brevity is an important tool to learn as communicators. Axios HQ is a good tool to train your brain to think differently about how you communicate. It helps structure your logic paths, too. It’s so intuitive.” Elizabeth Lewis, Communications Director

How the City of Austin's open rates boomed 150%

The city was looking for a modern way for the Mayor to share project progress, thoughts with the community, and recaps with the media after council meetings.

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Engineering communication FAQs

What type of communication do engineers use?

Between writing reports and proposals and relaying information and research to colleagues or clients, engineers need to have good oral and written communication skills in order to effectively get their job done. 

What is the role of communication in engineering?

Engineers need to be able to communicate with both clients and colleagues. This means not only being able to turn technical terminology into easily understood topics, but also the ability to write and deliver in a way colleagues can understand and act on. In essence, they need to be able to work across multiple audiences — and across mediums like written and oral communication — in order to do their jobs successfully. 

What is an example of communication in engineering?

Engineers write or use Progress Reports to indicate work status or to note when a specific milestone is reached. Engineers also need other forms of communication, though, to keep individual contributors and stakeholders apprised of progress. These can include newsletters, chat messages, and more. 

How is AI revolutionizing internal communications for engineering?

Many engineers are tasked with writing Progress Reports and other forms of communication, but few are given formal writing training. AI is changing that. With AI capabilities and guidance, any writer can now feel more confident in the communications they create — not to mention it will save them loads of time not having to write from scratch. 

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