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Stronger client and internal marketing communications

Advertising and Marketing agencies need a wow-factor in everything they do. Axios HQ makes sure all client and employee communications stand out and show your worth.

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Staff and client comms deserve a rebrand, too

Ad and Marketing teams have a rare skill: They craft compelling narratives that boost brand awareness and drive sales. And they make it look easy, taking a few bullet points about a product and turning them into best-in-class sales collateral and creative lead-generation campaigns.

But even great leaders sometimes struggle to tell that story in a way that forces staff or customers to stop, stand in awe, and understand its impact. They need the right internal marketing communication tools to do it.

Marketing and Advertising's communication challenges

Any strong external or internal marketing campaign has one key ingredient: a creative team that's well aligned and communicates with one another and customers effectively. Data from Hubspot shows...

Agency 1-3
90 %
of marketers see disconnects in org process and culture
Agency 2-1
52 %
of salespeople say team misalignment led to lost revenue
Agency 3-1
45 %
of marketers say alignment is more key to success than ever before
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Axios HQ has modern tools for marketing agencies

Agencies can often be underappreciated. Some of their work is tangible and has a direct impact on sales, while other facets of their creativity and contribution are intangible. How do you quantify the benefits of brand-building campaigns that you can't attribute revenue to?

Axios HQ gives leaders and practitioners the tools they need to send a steady cadence of colleague and customer updates, share their strategic process, offer important context, and earn everyone's support.

Axios HQ makes client and internal marketing communications stand out

Agencies rely on Axios HQ's AI-powered client and internal marketing communication tools to keep their projects — and people — high performing.

Axios HQ has the best communication tools for marketing agencies

Design customization and branding

Pull in the logos, colors, and email-safe fonts that make your communication look and feel like you — or your customer! — without losing the format that keeps readers engaged.

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AI-assisted writing and translating

Whether you're revising updates from different departments or writing your own, HQ streamlines the length, style, tone, and language you want it to be. 


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Collaborative editing and assignments

Add your colleagues, assign areas of your HQ updates, and collaborate in real-time. You can even set deadlines and add instructions — all directly in HQ.

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What our customers say

Axios HQ gives agencies the tools they need to collaborate more effectively and deliver great service

"The Smart Brevity newsletter format is easy to use and has provided us with key insights to alter our internal communications approach." Lisa Kimmel, CEO of Edelman Canada

How Edelman consultants around the world connected

Edelman needed a more effective way to share company and client related news with 6,000+ employees across 60 global offices.

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"Axios HQ provides a streamlined, intuitive platform to communicate with our employees around the world, as well as the ability to easily customize our messaging for specific regional audiences." Richard Socarides, Chief Communications Officer

GLG rallies workers around its social impact projects

GLG worked with Axios HQ to launch three regional newsletters about the company’s Social Impact work, boosting edition open rates to over 80%.

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Marketing communication FAQs

What are the benefits of internal marketing communication?

Internal marketing communications help create a workforce that is aligned around company goals. They keep everyone informed and updated on key priorities, campaigns, launches, and more. Not to mention they also boost retention and employee engagement rates. 

What is an example of internal marketing?

Internal marketing is a way to keep employees informed and updated about goings on at your organization. Examples include:

  • CEO newsletters sent to all staff
  • DEI updates
  • Mission and goal information 
  • Personnel changes 
  • Upcoming events

What software do marketing agencies use?

Marketing agencies need a variety of tools and software to function at their best. But when it comes to internal communications, they need a tool that allows them to reach all employees when and where they are. Only then can they communicate crucial updates and timely info across time zones, locales, and more. 

What are the 5 components of internal marketing?

The top five components of internal marketing are:

  • Well-planned employee onboarding
  • Clear company vision and mission
  • An effective communication strategy
  • Effective tools to communicate across the organization
  • Creating an environment of trust and transparency

What are the four types of internal communication?

The four types of internal communication include:

  • Communication from leadership
  • Communication from management to employees
  • Communication from employees to management or executives
  • Colleague-to-colleague communication 

How is AI revolutionizing internal communications for marketing agencies?

AI can personalize communications to provide audiences with an improved experience, producing even better business outcomes than ever. It can also slash the amount of time it takes to write internal communications — freeing up time for employees to work on more projects or campaigns. Not to mention that AI can also help those without any formal training feel stronger about their writing skills. 

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