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Retail internal communications that keep employees engaged

Good internal communications help staff collaborate more effectively and keep customers happy. Axios HQ's AI-powered newsletter software helps you get it right.

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Right now, retail workers are uninspired

Frontline retail workers are your first — and often only — chance to win customers. But a growing majority of the workforce feels unmotivated by senior leaders. That's lining up with some of the highest attrition rates the industry has ever seen. 

And with the fast pace of any retail space — corporate or frontline — and the limited time folks have to check phones, email, or other channels, the pressure for communications to hit at the right time and resonate is high.

Retail communication challenges

Gaps in the consistency, quality, and efficacy of internal communications are making your workers search for stronger employers. Data from McKinsey shows...

Retail 1-1
63 %
of retail managers are thinking of quitting their jobs
Retail 2-2
49 %
of all frontline retail staff want to leave their jobs
Retail 3-1
27 %
of retail workers want to find more meaning in work
Retail lower

Axios HQ helps re-engage your retail employees

People don't just buy products. They pick and purchase from brands they trust. Your employees are your built-in and most visible brand advocates — if you keep them informed and engaged. Axios HQ is proven to help...

  • Increase employee engagement. Our communication methodology is shown to boost engagement, trust, and transparency with readers.

  • Empower good work. Good communication leads to good decision making. Give your employees the context they need to do great work — in a scannable format they're actually willing to read.

  • Strengthen your reputation. When teams feel respected and informed, they become awesome brand advocates internally and externally.

Axios HQ strengthens retail communications

Our AI-powered newsletter software gives you the tools you need to keep your retail staff informed and engaged.

Axios HQ moves your retail business forward

Best-practice templates

See what Walmart, JPMorgan Chase, and other leaders send their readers. HQ’s community library is full of real communications to help you get started.

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Smart Brevity® Guidance

Our real-time editing guidance can reformat your text to be more scannable, rephrase sentences to be clear, and remove filler words to enhance impact. 

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High-impact analytics

Open rates, clicks, poll results, and more keep a pulse on reader engagement. Benchmarks show how you compare to other organizations like yours. 

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What our customers are saying

Axios HQ's easy-to-use internal communications platform enables businesses of all sizes to improve reader engagement and drive growth.

"There’s a ceremony to it. Our HQ update is a chance for the management team to go on the record, simplify our news, and reiterate what it means. It’s a way to communicate efficiently, to let people digest it asynchronously — which is a big deal — and to measure whether it's getting traction." Mike Lackman, CEO

How Trade Coffee keeps its hybrid workforce in sync

Their young management team needed discipline to help them distill what the company was doing and why in a format anyone could access.

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“Our Axios HQ update did not become just an email elsewhere. It took on its own narrative arc and style of writing — Smart Brevity. That's really shaped our cadence and the structure.” Jack Marooney, Manager of Executive Operations

How Headfirst earns 90% open rates on staff communications

Its leaders use Axios HQ to better integrate staff and make all-hands communication more cohesive.

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"Axios HQ is our solution for disjointed communications — there was too much getting shared, and staff was struggling to see, ‘What's really important?’ Axios gives you the perfect format. Smart Brevity makes it feel modern and crisp." Jen Üner, Strategic Communications Director

How LRN communicated a corporate rebrand

When LRN absorbed the No. 2 company in its market space, its leaders needed a single staff-wide touchpoint to consolidate the company’s most important news.

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Retail communications FAQs

What is retail communications?

Retail communications include all the messages sent between corporate employees, on-site and in-store employees, and production or logistics-type teams who work for a retail company. They’re used to keep employees informed around key objectives, company goals, new products, schedules, and more. 

What are the types of retail communications?

Retail communications can be both internal and external. For internal stakeholders, these tend to include emails, meetings, intranets, break room bulletin boards, and various other ways to reach staff spread across locations. For external members, it includes advertising, sales promotions, emails, discount programs, and other means of informing individuals about products and services.  

What is retail communication in retail management?

Retail communication for retail management includes communications and messages sent from managers to employees and other key stakeholders as a way of increasing sales, performance, and alignment. 

What are the examples of internal communication in retail?

Internal communication examples include messages sent about new products, procedures, and campaigns. They could be in relation to customer offerings and services, company culture, or other key updates — like benefits information or DEI initiatives. They are used to get staff aligned around the company’s goals and mission.  

How can AI-powered newsletter software improve internal communications in retail?

Reaching employees in different locations, who work different shifts, and who may or may not have access to phones and computers can be difficult. But newsletter software is an easy way to reach everyone at once with the same information without overwhelming them with too many communications. Plus, when newsletters are powered by AI writing guidance, even those without formal writing training can keep employees informed with easy-to-create communications. 
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