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Secure and engaging financial services communications

Distilling finance, policy, and regulatory updates for staff and stakeholders around the world is critical. Axios HQ creates an ROI for internal communications.

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It's time to reinvest in internal communications

Financial institutions are built on trust and credibility. Communication — and aligned action — are the cornerstones that keep their foundation sturdy and secure.

But internal communications across the financial sector have gotten overwhelming, overly complex, and almost impenetrable. That's a glaring issue when the employees you reach need to carry those communications forward to stay compliant, serve customers, or expand your business. 

Fintech's communications challenge

Financial services professionals want more context from leadership — and leaders understand the urgency to get it right. Data from Riverbed shows...

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93 %
of leaders say delivering a great digital experience is their top priority
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92 %
of leaders need more digital experiences to meet staff needs
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68 %
of leaders think failing to meet digital expectations sinks productivity
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Axios HQ modernizes fintech communications

Banking went digital. Investor meetings are online. Your workforce is hybrid and distributed. The communications that connect them — and advance them — should be just as modern. But so many financial services pros agree their tools are outdated, clunky, and difficult to use.

Axios HQ gives financial institutions an easy-to-use platform that helps them cut through the noise of legacy systems and ensure that employees get the information they need most.

Axios HQ strengthens financial services communications

Our data-backed Smart Brevity communication methodology keeps everyone across your institution aligned — no matter what you have to tell them.

Axios HQ creates unified communications for financial services

Collaborative editing and language translating

Whether you're revising updates from different departments or writing your own, HQ streamlines the length, style, tone, and language you want it to be. 

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Best-practice templates

See what Walmart, JPMorgan Chase, and other leaders send their readers. HQ’s community library is full of real communications to help you get started.

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Smart Brevity® Guidance

Our real-time editing guidance can reformat your text to be more scannable, rephrase sentences to be clear, and remove filler words to enhance impact. 

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What our customers are saying

Leading organizations across all industries use Axios HQ to streamline their communications and get important updates to the people who need them most.

"With our increasingly distributed team, this tool allows everyone to stay informed, inspired, and connected to our mission and our work, while not overwhelming them with lengthy paragraphs.” Ellen Paterson, COO at Everfi

How Everfi's all-staff update earned 85% open rates

Everfi trusts Axios HQ to compile a weekly all-staff briefing and grow open rates — from roughly 40% to 85%+ — to track team engagement.

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"HQ is a way for me to extend my capabilities and my reach as a communicator. It also keeps us organized — knowing there’s a consistent format week to week and a place to house all of the content that we distribute to our organization." Laura Cullen, Director of Communications

How Happy Money earns 73% open rates on its internal comms

They knew having a regular communication from the CEO would be critical to keep the team connected, energized, and aware of the news employees need to thrive in their jobs.

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“Axios HQ was a lifesaver. Beyond the immediate value of transitioning away from long emails, it established what our remote work life would look like. Our Axios HQ update did not become just an email elsewhere." Jack Marooney, Manager of Executive Operations

How Headfirst earns 90% open rates on vital staff comms

Headfirst now uses Axios HQ to send two recurring updates that earn nearly 90% open rates.

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Fintech communications FAQs

Why is communication important in financial services?

Communication within the financial services environment is crucial to financial performance. It must be timely and accurate in order for individuals to do their jobs and make informed decisions around investments.

How do financial institutions communicate?

Financial institutions communicate in various ways. For example, banks might use a system called SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) while other financial institutions use email, newsletters, verbal communication, and other ways to reach stakeholders.

What is internal communication in finance?

Internal communication in the finance industry includes any and all messages sent between key organization stakeholders to stay updated and informed around investments, company priorities, goals, and more.

What is the role of communication in finance?

Depending on the organization or institution, communication for those in the finance industry can make or break the business. It must be timely and accurate in order to provide folks what they need to make financial decisions and readjust priorities and goals. 

What is effective communication for financial professionals?

Effective communication for financial professionals needs to be:

  • Timely
  • Accurate
  • Continuous, but not overwhelming
  • Direct
  • Informative
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