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More connected internal communications in manufacturing

Executive plans and frontline fulfillment need to stay in lockstep. Axios HQ makes every step in assembling internal communications faster and more effective.

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Your deskless workers are disengaged

Deskless workers make up about 80% of the global workforce, but they are the least trusting, least engaged, and most likely to feel burnout, according to Qualtrics. They’re also ready to pressure their employers to change things they don’t approve of.

Leaders need to level up the communication channels, operational strategies, and employee recognition ideas to fix this trend before they lose a meaningful portion of their workforce.

Manufacturing's communication challenges

Manufacturing is the foundation of our world's infrastructure, but the people who make it possible are struggling. Data from Epicore shows...

Manufacturing 1-1
56 %
of frontline workers plan to quit in the next year
Manufacturing 2-1
48 %
say their company has average or low morale
Manufacturing 3-2
34 %
blame low morale on poor leadership and communication
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Axios HQ connects you to production line staff

Deskless workers need timely updates on safety protocols and regulations. But they don’t spend much time in front of a computer — and shouldn’t have to comb through long emails to get critical updates about their jobs.

Axios HQ helps manufacturing executives and managers to reach all of their employees with important news — and helps deliver them when and where your team will read them.

Axios HQ improves communication in manufacturing

Our AI-powered newsletter software keeps every part of your production line connected and informed so employees have the intel they need to keep moving.

Axios HQ makes communication in manufacturing more effective

Collaborative editing and assignments

Add colleagues, assign areas of your HQ updates, and collaborate in real-time. You can even set deadlines and add instructions — all directly in HQ.

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Analytics and competitive benchmarks

Open rates, clicks, poll results, and more keep a pulse on reader engagement. Benchmarks show how you compare to other organizations like yours. 

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Integrations and security

Sync your HR directory. Set up a custom domain. Enable SSO. HQ makes sure the right people get the updates they need, every time.

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What our customers are saying

The world's leading organizations use Axios HQ to keep office and frontline workers connected.

Benco Dental
"Everybody at the organization gets the same message with the same words, at the same time. We have no time zone issues. They can interact with it in less than 10 minutes, and we can answer questions." Chuck Cohen, Managing Partner

How Benco Dental powers its teams' async updates

Leaders needed a way to keep folks connected to culture and engaged with the company.

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"We’ve totally changed our approach to content with help from the Axios HQ team, and internally, we’re hearing a lot more people repeating our key messages back to us since." Susannah Wesley-Ahlschwede, Head of Global Internal Communications

How Takeda kept a global staff in step

Takeda needed a modern framework to communicate with its 52,000 global employees in a concise and consistent way.

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"There’s a ceremony to it. Our HQ update is a chance for the management team to go on the record, simplify our news, and reiterate what it means. It’s a way to communicate efficiently, to let people digest it asynchronously — which is a big deal — and to measure whether it's getting traction." Mike Lackman, CEO

How Trade Coffee keeps its hybrid workforce in sync

Their young management team needed discipline to help them distill what the company was doing and why in a format anyone could access.

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Manufacturing communication FAQs

What is communication in manufacturing?

When done well, communication in the manufacturing industry creates an environment where safety procedures are understood, teams work together to understand and tackle challenges, and production runs smoothly. But it needs to be used by all departments — from design to quality control to logistics — to truly foster productivity and increase production. 

What are the 4 types of internal communication?

The four types of internal communication include:

  • Communication from leadership
  • Top-down leadership from managers to employees
  • Bottom-up communication from employees up the chain
  • Employee-to-employee communication

While those are the most common types of communication, a well-rounded communications plan will include crisis communication, DEI updates, and more.

What are some examples of internal communication?

Examples of internal communication include:

  • Email and newsletters
  • Instant messaging
  • Phone calls
  • Meetings (in person and online)
  • Intranets
  • Podcasts

Email remains the most popular form of communication, but newsletters are the only form of communication employees want more of. Consider that as you work to implement a robust communications strategy.  

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