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Smart Brevity Checklist

Smart Brevity Checklist

6 steps to help you make your point and have it heard

We live in an increasingly distracted world.

  • Why it matters: Data shows smart, busy professionals want one thing: information they can trust, delivered in an efficient and engaging way.

With Smart Brevity, we raise the bar on what's worthy of our readers' time and challenge ourselves to share only what’s vital and worthy of their attention.

  • It's a little art and a lot of science – something we've tested and perfected for years.

This checklist helps you remember the most key ingredients so your next update will be clear, engaging and memorable.

Download it for free, today, to get started. And if you need a little extra inspiration, visit our Smart Brevity hub for more insight.

Smart Brevity FAQ

What is the Smart Brevity method?

Smart Brevity is an editing and writing methodology used to make communication updates more scannable, digestible, and memorable. It focuses on what's new and why it matters to readers, and uses formatting like bullet points and strategic bolding to guide them through important points. Most Smart Brevity updates are 40% shorter than typical communications, but hold all the same essential information.

What is example of Smart Brevity?

To see a sample communication written in the Smart Brevity format, check out this sample Axios HQ update.