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The human-first comms platform for human-first industries

Staffing Services and HR Management are fast-growing industries. Axios HQ makes sure candidate, customer, and colleague communications stay as human as ever.

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HR communications have never been more important

HR is any executive's trusted partner for hiring and retaining great talent. And when they can't — or don't — have the practice fully in-house, leaders are turning to HR Management, Staffing, and other expert agencies to help them handle it. 

That means the communications you share externally, with customers, and internally, with teams serving those customers, has never been more critical. Clear, effective updates and insights distinguish your service and make it even more valuable.

HR's communication challenges

HR leaders are feeling the pressure to work harder than ever. Data from SHRM shows...

HR 1-1
77 %
say senior leaders rely on them to navigate new practices
HR 2-1
70 %
say they now work far beyond their typical capacity
HR 3
61 %
say they operate without enough staff for their workload
HR Lower

Your HR communication strategy needs Axios HQ

Human resources pros have the unique ability to ease employee concerns with a single message. But HR is responsible for more than just internal communications, and even the most experienced and empathetic leaders could use a hand.

Axios HQ is an AI-powered communication platform that helps HR executives — whether they're in-house or helping from an agency — plan, write, and send effective updates to colleagues and customers.

Axios HQ strengthens HR internal communications — and external customer updates

Axios HQ makes HR internal communications easier to execute

Best-practice templates

See what Walmart, JPMorgan Chase, and other leaders send their readers. HQ’s community library is full of real communications to help you get started.

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Collaborative editing and assignments

Add your colleagues, assign areas of your HQ updates, and collaborate in real-time. You can even set deadlines and add instructions — all directly in HQ.

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Analytics and competitive benchmarks

Open rates, clicks, poll results, and more keep a pulse on reader engagement. Benchmarks show how you compare to other organizations like yours. 

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What our customers are saying

Some of the world's top companies trust HQ with their internal communications

"With an increasingly distributed team, this tool allows everyone to stay informed, inspired, and connected to our mission and our work, while not overwhelming them with lengthy paragraphs.” Ellen Paterson, COO

Everfi's all-staff update earned 85% open rates

Everfi needed an innovative, engaging, and streamlined channel for sharing weekly updates across all departments. 

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Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 1.39.39 PM
"Axios HQ was a lifesaver. Beyond the immediate value of transitioning away from long emails, it established what our remote work life would look like." Jack Marooney, Manager of Executive Operations

Headfirst earns 90% open rates on vital staff communications

Headfirst uses Axios HQ to send two recurring updates that earn nearly 90% open rates — a weekly all-staff update and an every-other-month communication.

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Screen Shot 2023-02-02 at 2.15.46 PM
"Axios HQ allows us to effectively highlight high-impact stories, generate enthusiasm, and shout out the employees contributing to the work." Jen Field, Head of Social Impact

GLG rallies a global workforce around social impact

GLG needed a dedicated channel to showcase its nonprofit work and deepen employee participation across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions. 

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HR communication FAQs

What is internal communication in HR?

HR can use internal communications to communicate with fellow team members or with employees throughout the organization. They can keep stakeholders informed on topics like DEI initiatives, events, meeting updates, and more. 

What does an HR internal communications specialist do?

An HR Internal Communications Specialist is in charge of keeping employees informed through a variety of channels, including emails, newsletters, intranet postings, social updates, meetings, and more. They’re also often responsible for creating and sending communications that pertain to onboarding, recruiting, and employee engagement. 

How can the HR team improve internal communication?

HR teams can improve internal communications by finding the best channels to reach employees — like the only channel they want more communications on: newsletters. They can also ensure they’re keeping comms open, honest, and effective in order to create an environment of trust and transparency. Additionally, they can keep comms short and to the point so that employees can get the info they need and then get back to work. 

What is the role of HR communications?

Effective HR communications inform employees and stakeholders, keeping them on the same page and moving toward the same goals without drowning them in too many comms. They allow HR colleagues to reach the entire organization with the crucial information they need to get their jobs done. 

Should internal comms sit in HR?

It shouldn’t matter where in the org internal comms sits because the objective is the same. No matter the owner, the internal comms team needs to be the one focused on creating an open, honest, and inclusive environment through a variety of communications geared toward company alignment, employee engagement, and goal achievement. 

How is AI revolutionizing internal communications for HR departments?

HR departments can use AI to change the way they write and send communications. Now, they can spend less time writing and more time on other tasks as AI takes the guesswork out of crafting effective communications. 

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