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Ops leaders keep employees and executives aligned

Innovative organizations need smart, nimble, and creative leaders who who keep the lights on and teams aligned. Axios HQ helps them do it.

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It's time to make your organization more efficient

Competing priorities, post-pandemic stress, and defining the “new normal” is amping up tension and complexity at workplaces everywhere.

That puts even more pressure on ops leaders — helping managers and executives re-energize their workforce, remain ambitious throughout the year ahead, and revise organization-wide communication strategies to make staff and stakeholders their most efficient.

Why it matters

Employees who get enough information to do their job well are...

2.8 x
more likely to be engaged
1.3 x
more likely to be thriving
4 x
less likely to experience burnout

What we're hearing from Ops leaders

Whether teams are navigating M&A or just trying to get through Monday,
simplifying complex communications and processes saves the day.

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AI can quickly provide critical context

Most leaders have a clear perspective on what they need to tell the staff and stakeholders around them. But often, the critical context those folks need to understand the impact that news will have on them is missing.

Axios HQ can take the smart insights you write, summarize why it matters, and take you one step closer to complete. 

Ops leaders trust Axios HQ

Whether you're writing an executive briefing or cross-functional communication, HQ helps keep stakeholders connected. These are just a few of the leaders who use it.

See how other Ops leaders communicate

They use Axios HQ to keep executives in individual contributors in sync.

GLG's social impact update

This 3-minute update helps GLG rally its global workforce around social impact projects.

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Axios' People Ops update

This 5-minute read is a top-line look at the organization's quarterly business review.

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Axios HQ was a lifesaver. Beyond the transitioning away from long emails, it established what our remote work life would look like. Our Axios HQ update took on its own narrative arc and style — Smart Brevity. That's really shaped our cadence and structure.

Jack Marooney | Manager of Executive Operations

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I never knew writing a newsletter could be so much fun or have such a quick impact! With an increasingly distributed team, this tool allows everyone to stay informed, inspired, and connected to our mission and our work, while not overwhelming them.

Ellen Patterson | Chief Operating Officer

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