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One platform for all your vital internal communications

Axios HQ prices are based on company size so they can work for small, mid-sized, and large organizations alike.


For organizations looking to launch impactful workplace communications that simplify — and amplify — how they engage staff and stakeholders.
  • Axios newsletter templates
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Smart Brevity writing guidance
  • Robust email analytics
  • Version history and content archive
  • Custom domain


For organizations looking to launch more engaging internal communications and showcase brand's unique look and feel.
  • All features in Base
  • Single sign-on
  • Directory sync
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Custom footers and branding
  • Remove Axios HQ branding

Smart Brevity Services

Our training and editing programs can level up your team's Smart Brevity skills.

Our expert-guided courses let you dive into the research behind our proven communication format and the techniques that bring it to life.

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Partner with our team to send A+ Smart Brevity newsletters that drive engagement and become your organization's source of critical information.

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✨ Axios HQ's premium software features ✨

Our top features offer your organization more control — and creative flexibility — over the Axios HQ communications you send.

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Three ways organizations use HQ

Hundreds of teams use our software to plan, compose, align, and measure their internal communications.

"Our HQ update is a chance for management to go on the record... It’s a way to communicate efficiently, to let people digest it asynchronously, and to measure whether it's getting traction." Mike Lackman, CEO, Trade Coffee

All-staff and exec communication

Clear, effective communication is critical for on-site, hybrid, and remote teams to stay aligned. Axios HQ makes writing internal communications easy — so you can boost trust and engagement across your all-staff and executive audiences.

How Trade Coffee keeps its staff connected
GLG logo
"As our Social Impact work continues to grow, we recognized smart communications would be crucial... Axios HQ provides a streamlined platform to communicate with our employees around the world, and the ability to easily customize our messaging for regional audiences." Richard Socarides, Chief Communications Officer, GLG

Department and regional news

As all-staff updates trickle down, each region or department needs unique insight to carry a strategy or goal forward — and see their role and impact in it. Axios HQ helps teams or regions understand “What’s new” and “Why it matters” to them.

How GLG rallies a global workforce
"It's been really helpful in community and trust building. In school communications, no one ever tells you, ‘Oh, I loved your communication,’ so it was kind of a shock for us to hear, ‘Thank you.’ Every week, more and more people email us." Media Relations Manager, AISD

Member and client updates

Axios HQ makes it easy to build community or engage clients with clear, conversational updates. A few ways organizations use it today:

  • Cadenced client or member updates

  • Updates on volunteer and other events

  • Philanthropy and donor impact stories

How Austin ISD keeps its staff and families in sync

Frequently asked questions

Don't see the answer you're looking for? Email us at

What is Smart Brevity?

Smart Brevity is a communications formula built by journalists — then perfected inside of hundreds of organizations — to help professionals prioritize essential information, explain its impact on readers, and deliver both in a concise and visual format. 

  • Most Smart Brevity communications are 40-50% shorter than typical updates, with all the same vital details preserved. 

It works because it's built on brain science. We spent years digging into data and changing reader behaviors to learn what keeps folks engaged. 

Learn more about Smart Brevity

How does Axios HQ calculate pricing?

We work with teams of all sizes — from small nonprofits to the Fortune 500.

  • Pricing is based on organization size — to stay accessible, with no limit on the number of seats, sends, or audience size.

Contact our team to get a quote.

How is Axios HQ different from other communications tools?

Axios HQ helps you curate, compose, optimize, and send essential workplace updates that are shorter, clearer, and more engaging than traditional updates.

While most tools give you endless options — and leave you lost trying to figure out a way to engage your readers — Axios HQ gives you proven best practices.

  • HQ's template is pressure-tested to boost focus.

  • Smart Brevity writing tips are proven to keep readers engaged.

  • HQ's analytics track performance — plus competitive benchmarks.

In short: Axios HQ takes the guesswork out of clear communication. It gives you the power to preserve your messaging, branding, voice and tone — with the guidance to make sure your insight is unmissable to busy readers.

Is Axios HQ only for writers or communicators?

No! Axios HQ can help anyone write and send essential updates that get their audience smarter, faster on what matters.

  • Executives send all-staff, investor, and board updates.

  • Chiefs of staff send executive briefings and cross-functional updates.

  • Department leaders send team priorities and progress.

  • Employees send project- and manager-level updates.

  • Association and nonprofit leaders send community updates. 

Communication is part and parcel of everyday life – regardless of your audience — and good comms are essential to helping others understand your point quickly and accurately.

Can I use Axios HQ if I am a consultant or self-employed?

Axios HQ is an innovative software platform designed for companies with more than 50 employees or nonprofits and associations with growing communities.

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