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How Everfi's all-staff update earned 85% open rates

The growth-stage company depends on Axios HQ for cross-functional communication.

The challenge: EVERFI needed an innovative, engaging, streamlined channel for sharing weekly updates across all departments. 

It had to be:

  • Relevant: The format needed to compile information from multiple teams and functions within the company in a way that remained informative and digestible for all employees.
  • Collaborative: Streamlining stakeholder contributions into a central tool and format would improve efficiency and save hours of time each week.
  • Secure: Leadership needed a way to limit who could send broad communications and a simple method to review each edition before they do.

The solution: EVERFI trusts Axios HQ to compile a weekly all-staff briefing and grow open rates — from roughly 40% to 85%+ — to track team engagement.

  • 💭Ellen Paterson, COO: “I never knew writing a newsletter could be so much fun or have such a quick impact on connectivity and communication!  With an increasingly distributed team this tool allows everyone to stay informed, inspired, and connected to our mission and our work, while not overwhelming them with lengthy paragraphs.”

How it works: EVERFI employees log in to Axios HQ and submit updates for executive review. Smart Brevity® tips help them write with a uniform, engaging approach. The communications team can choose what makes the cut and track reader-by-reader opens and clicks as soon as they hit send.

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