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How made internal comms integral to their culture

The online learning platform uses Axios HQ to keep its comms digestible and approachable

The challenge: When’s team went from in-office to hybrid work, they needed a flexible tool that helped them gather content from multiple contributors and share it with their most important stakeholders. It had to be:

  • Collaborative: They wanted something that didn’t require a huge IT lift and could be accessed by all the contributors across their team. 
  • Engaging: They looked at MailChimp. They looked at Outlook. They even tried Word documents and PowerPoints. None offered the consistent, cohesive communication style they were looking for. They needed a way to go from ad hoc to highly anticipated. 

The solution: transitioned its essential communications from Teams and emails to an Axios HQ newsletter called “Your Weekly Dose.” They send it to their leadership and the sales team each week — keeping them informed on important updates, trends, and day-to-day aspects of their jobs.

After “Your Weekly Dose” garnered in-house attention, they started a company-wide bi-weekly newsletter called “The Watercooler.” And it wasn’t long until Axios HQ’s Smart Brevity style made it into the rest of their communications, like their media brief sheets, too. 

💭  Brooke Gabbert, Director of Communications:

  • “I went looking for a tool I could create a communication with that would be engaging but that would also be able to be flexible in how we used it. Finding Axios HQ was gold for me. It fit all of the needs I had.”
  • “HQ is the internal communicator’s dream platform. It gives us an ability to really shine for what we do best and not worry about all the complicated technical stuff that comes along with this sometimes. It’s one of the most important channel tools in your toolbox as a communicator.
  • “‘The Watercooler’ is part of the culture now. If people don't get it in their inbox, they ask where it is.”

🧠  Brooke's words of encouragement:

  • “This is really a way for you to shape the employee experience through strategic communications in addition to what you're currently doing. It gives you an opportunity to drive home important things in the company. It gives you an opportunity to drive culture, to be consistent in how you promote and communicate that culture.” 

Bet in Class banner earned Axios HQ's 2023 Best-in-Class award for being Smart Brevity champions. See our other award winners:


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