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“AI HQ” is an Axios HQ original series that takes you to the heart of the AI revolution — and the impact it’ll have on society, industry, communication, and our future.

In episode four, you’ll meet Percy Liang, co-founder of Together AI and associate professor at Stanford, running the Center for Research on Foundation Models. His decades of research is defining a path to understand, measure, and score new AI models, as well as transparency around the development and deployment of such models.

In this episode, AI HQ co-hosts Dylan Pearce and Roy Schwartz talk with Percy about:

  • Together AI’s mission to help consumers leverage the latest AI — safely.
  • The research guiding his holistic evaluation of language and foundation models.
  • The risks of AI systems developed behind closed doors.


Roy Schwartz headshot
Roy Schwartz Axios HQ Co-founder and CEO
Dylan Pearce headshot
Dylan Pearce Greycroft Partner
Percy Liang headshot
Percy Liang Director, Stanford Center for Research on Foundation Models Co-founder, Together AI