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How to optimize an internal communication

A guide to helping you get your point across — quickly and clearly

Today's reality: Professionals are busier and more distracted than ever. Most skim work emails and updates trying to answer two questions: "What's this about?" and "How will it impact me?"

Key internal communications — updates that move a project forward, or keep the org aligned on key goals — are getting missed. And that's quickly become the culprit of lost time, engagement, and productivity. According to Gallup: 

  • Only 50% of employees thoroughly read what their leaders send them. 
  • Only 20% say they strongly agree their leaders communicate effectively. 

This Smart Brevity workbook breaks down the three details that are the most consequential, interesting, and engaging in any internal communication. And it has a few quick exercises you and your teams can run through to bring them to life. 

🔑 Inside you'll find: 

  • Advice for getting your point across — quickly and clearly. 
  • A framework to help you address what readers care about most. 
  • Quick exercises to help you practice.