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How Delta keeps its in-flight staff informed

The airline sends its flight attendants a weekly Axios HQ update — a 2-5 minute read. 

The challenge: Delta wanted a more effective way to consolidate and share curated content and information — every week — with all 21,000 of its in-flight attendants. It had to be:

  • Essential: Flight attendants span international time zones and are always on the go, so they need an effective, reliable one-stop-shop experience that highlights all the critical updates for the week.
  • Efficient: With their on-the-go lifestyle, they often only have a few minutes to spare.

The solution: Axios HQ helped Delta revitalize their “On the Fly” publication with streamlined Smart Brevity® solutions that distill important news into a 2–5 minute read.

  • 💭 Manager of In-Flight Comms: “Immediately, flight attendants noticed and appreciated when we adopted Axios’ Smart Brevity approach. The Axios-isms provide familiarity week to week and help guide readers along so they easily key in on the most important and relevant information.”
  • 💭 Senior flight attendant: “I love On The Fly. It gives me my hot topics, the reasons behind them, and expected time investment up front. The style is especially great for those who have short attention spans because it breaks major events into easy, digestible pieces of information.”

How it works: Axios HQ’s team led a series of in-depth Smart Brevity trainings with Delta’s In-Flight Service comms team, completed an internal audit to understand flight attendant needs, developed and launched a refreshed version of “On the Fly,” and created a sustainable process to support the publication of each edition.

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