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Communications aren't one-size-fits-all — and neither is Axios HQ. Our premium software and

professional services let you pick the support your team needs to send essential

communications that engage readers and drive action.


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Axios HQ Software

Pricing starts at $12,500/year


Transform your communications with our Smart Brevity writing tool. Axios HQ helps you create and send scannable updates that are 40% shorter than most internal emails — but full of all the vital details staff and stakeholders need.


HQ prices are based on company size so it can work for teams big and small.


Software features:


✅ AI-powered writing & formatting tips

✅ Best-practice templates & resources

✅ Collaborative editing & assignments 

✅ Millions of illustrations & images

✅ Analytics & competitive benchmarks

✅ Unlimited users and contacts


Support services:


✅ Dedicated onboarding specialist

✅ Long-term account manager

✅ In-depth strategy sessions

✅ Progress and success check-ins

✅ Premium user support

✅ Seamless HRIS and SSO integration

Smart Brevity® Training

Pricing starts at $10,000/session


Sharpen your Smart Brevity skills in our custom, high-touch training courses with an Axios HQ editor.


Our 101-level course and bespoke, immersive workshops dive into the science behind our Smart Brevity style and best practices to bring it to life in your communications.


Training options:

  • Smart Brevity fundamentals course
  • Hands-on Smart Brevity workshops
  • Go-deeper sessions to enhance your skill
  • Custom curriculum is available, too

Smart Brevity® Editing

Pricing is custom


Become a Smart Brevity expert with 1:1 strategy, editing, and consultative support from our Axios HQ editors. 


We help you refresh or fully launch the most vital recurring communications across your organization — and edit each one before you hit send until you're ready to do it alone. 


Editorial services:

  • Content strategy and training sessions
  • Dedicated Smart Brevity editor
  • Daily or weekly 1:1 editing support
  • Go-to account manager to track success

We're at your service

Axios HQ's customer success team is here to guide your Smart Brevity journey —

from custom onboarding and strategy sessions, to premium user support and more.

You'll have an onboarding specialist...

Group 222

You'll have an onboarding specialist...

For your first 90 days, our onboarding specialist will help dig in and understand your unique communication goals — then map how HQ can help you achieve them, including:

  • Content calendar and planning templates
  • Best practices for effective HQ updates
  • Proven tactics to boost reader engagement
  • Performance benchmarks for teams like yours
  • Help reviewing your first HQ update, pre- and post-send

...and dedicated account manager

Group 217

...and dedicated account manager

Consider us an extension of your team. Your account manager will make sure you get the most out of your HQ investment, guiding you through:

  • Quarterly reviews of your HQ communication strategy
  • Data dives on how your updates perform against goals
  • Technical support if questions or issues arise
  • Sneak peeks at new and upcoming HQ features
  • Help scaling HQ to other areas of your organization

Three ways organizations use Axios HQ

Over 300 organizations use our software to write and send vital updates.

All-staff & exec communication

Clear, effective communication is critical for on-site, hybrid, and remote teams to stay aligned. Axios HQ makes writing relevant updates easy — so you can boost trust and engagement across your all-staff and executive audiences.


A few ways organizations use HQ for internal comms:

  • Weekly all-staff updates
  • Team reward and recognition
  • DEI and other topic-specific news
  • Policy changes and benefit rollouts
  • Executive, investor, and board updates
  • Change management and crisis comms


"Our HQ update is a chance for management to go on the record... It’s a way to communicate efficiently, to let people digest it asynchronously and to measure whether it's getting traction."


Mike Lackman, CEO, Trade Coffee


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Department & regional news

As all-staff updates trickle down, each region or department needs unique insight to carry a strategy or goal forward — and see their role and impact in it. Axios HQ helps teams or regions understand “What’s new,” “Why it matters” to them.


A few ways leaders use HQ for team-level comms:

  • Sales, product, and marketing updates
  • Employee- and project-level progress
  • Goal-setting and peer-review updates
  • New-hire onboarding resources
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Brand storytelling and localization efforts


"As our Social Impact work continues to grow, we recognized smart communications would be crucial... Axios HQ provides a streamlined platform to communicate with our employees around the world, and the ability to easily customize our messaging for regional audiences."


Richard Socarides, Chief Communications Officer


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Member & client updates

Strong communication is key to strong relationships — it builds trust and helps you align on needs, goals, and priorities. Axios HQ makes it easier to build community or engage clients with clear, conversational updates.


A few ways organizations use HQ for community comms:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly client or member updates
  • Volunteer events and other opportunities
  • Philanthropy and donor impact stories
  • School district or community news
  • Crisis or critical communications


"It's been really helpful in community and trust building. In school communications, no one ever tells you, ‘Oh, I loved your communication,’ so it was kind of a shock for us to hear, ‘Thank you.’ Every week, more and more people email us." 


— Cristina Nguyen, Media Relations Manager, AISD


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Frequently asked questions

We're here to help with any questions you have

What is Smart Brevity?

Smart Brevity is a communications formula built by journalists — then perfected inside hundreds of organizations — to help any leader prioritize essential news, explain its impact on readers, and deliver both in a concise and visual format.

Most Smart Brevity communications are 40-50% shorter than typical updates, with all the same vital details preserved.

It works because it's built on brain science. We spent years digging into data and changing reader behaviors to learn what keeps folks engaged.

Learn more about Smart Brevity.

How much does Axios HQ cost?

We work with teams of all sizes — from small nonprofits to the Fortune 500.

Pricing begins at $12,500 per year and is based on organization size — to stay accessible, with no limit on number of seats, sends, or size of audience.

Contact our team to get a quote.

How is Axios HQ different from other communication tools?

Axios HQ helps you curate, compose, optimize, and send essential workplace updates that are shorter, clearer, and more engaging than traditional updates.

While most tools give you endless options — and leave you lost trying to figure out a way to engage your readers — Axios HQ gives you proven best practices.

HQ's template is pressure-tested to boost focus.

Smart Brevity writing tips are proven to keep readers engaged.

HQ's analytics track performance — plus competitive benchmarks.

In short: Axios HQ takes the guesswork out of clear communication. It gives you the power to preserve your messaging, branding, voice and tone — with the guidance to make sure your insight is unmissable to busy readers.

Learn more about our Axios HQ’s features.

Is Axios HQ only for writers or communicators?

No! Axios HQ can help anyone write and send essential updates that get their audience smarter, faster on what matters.

Executives send all-staff, investor, and board updates.

Chiefs of staff send executive briefings and cross-functional updates.

Department leaders send team priorities and progress.

Employees send project- and manager-level updates.

And many more.

Communication is part and parcel of everyday life – regardless of your audience — and good comms are essential to helping others understand your point quickly and accurately.

How can I get started with Axios HQ?

We’d love to show you around! Schedule a conversation with one of our team members.

Communicate better with Axios HQ

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