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Reorg’s bet on internal comms led to stronger team decision-making and business success

The high-growth financial data and intelligence organization uses Axios HQ for all-staff communications and key department-level updates.

The challenge: Reorg is a global provider of credit intelligence, data, and analytics for finance professionals, consultants, advisors, and lawyers. By 2022, its team had doubled in size and acquired another data management provider. The company was suddenly 600 people, and employee engagement feedback showed teams needed a stronger internal communications system to feel read-in on what was going on. It had to be:

  • Centralized: The global company needed one source where people would know to go for critical company directives and updates — and it couldn’t be a fast-changing space like Slack or a timezone-bound meeting.
  • Engaging: If the team would be pulling together different topics in one space, it would need to be readable — and something teams were excited to come back to.

The solution: A series of employee interviews led leadership toward an internal newsletter strategy. They picked Axios HQ — and its proven Smart Brevity communication format — to create, centralize, and scale their most important internal communications, like:

  • An all-staff newsletter they send bi-weekly to share high-level happenings.
  • A product newsletter they send bi-weekly to the commercial team on what’s launching soon, what’s next on the roadmap, and what Product is hearing from the market.
  • An AI newsletter they send bi-weekly to an AI and executive committee, rounding up what companies are doing and how they’re using AI for stronger workflows.
  • A marketing newsletter they send quarterly to all staff on brand work, product marketing plans, key funnel metrics, and areas of investment.

And the feedback they've heard in employee engagement surveys since launching these updates — namely on the quality and accessibility of org-wide information — has been on the rise. 

💭  Dale Bishop, Director of Communications: 

  • "With Axios HQ, I now have the luxury of being more thoughtful about our messages because I know they’re getting through. People are more aware of company priorities and progress. When people feel more connected to what's happening, that helps engagement, making it a better, more inclusive, and thoughtful place to work."
  • What's next: "We have excellent employee engagement scores and this contributes to high customer satisfaction and NPS scores. From more of a CFO perspective, there's an obvious benefit in retaining great employees and great customers.”
  • "In a world where everybody's moving so fast, everybody's making a thousand decisions a day. The more people hear our company priorities, the big projects that we're working on, the market that we're trying to break into, and the places that we're trying to cross sell products, the better decisions they make. Better decisions mean we’re more aligned. And the more aligned you are around priorities, the faster you're going to move and the more successful you'll be.”

How it works: Each Axios HQ newsletter has a small crop of deputized contributors. Dale organizes the updates, aligns with stakeholders on what’s most important, and works with her collaborators — who feel uniquely responsible for submitting their part — to build a company-wide muscle around communication. “A couple days before each edition,” Dale says, “I am tagging people in Axios HQ, re-requesting updates, and making sure we have the right context. I’m able to be the editor.” 

🧠  Dale's closing thoughts on why Axios HQ is critical to internal comms:

  • “Executives know the cost of poorly understood priorities or a misaligned company. In the same way executives may think about a strong product process and know they need to invest in a tool like Jira — having every single ticket clearly articulated, and part of a larger epic, that reliably gets you to your product — they need to realize comms requires the same kinds of tools and support."
  • "We aren't just 'writing an email.' Comms is the reason your important point actually gets through to a busy workforce. It’s the reason teams understand what’s happening so they can prioritize on a day-to-day basis. That’s what I do with Axios HQ. And you can immediately see if and where it’s working.”



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