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The push for transparency has left many companies in a precarious place: sharing so much information that staff and stakeholders are distracted, overwhelmed, and at times missing critical updates. 

  • Why it matters: The strongest leaders have found a way to align but not overwhelm — weeding out what’s noisy so higher-impact updates can keep staff and stakeholders focused.

Watch leaders from Life Time Inc., GRAIL, and Axios HQ discuss how they’ve:

  • Reduced email volume — by 10%, 20%, even 40% — without sacrificing substance. 
  • Launched stronger cross-functional updates — so every department can communicate what matters in a more effective way.
  • Improved their process — embracing new tools or strategies to get from “start” to “send” faster.


Laura Kennedy headshot
Laura Kennedy Life Time Inc. Senior Manager, Internal Communications
Tina Amirkiai headshot
Tina Amirkiai GRAIL Director, Employee Communications
Jordan Zaslav headshot
Jordan Zaslav Axios HQ Chief Operating Officer