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The premium on smart, clear communication has never been higher. In a sharp discussion, we dig into the shifting communications landscape and how innovative companies keep up. Watch the discussion above and share the key takeaways below with your team.

🚨 We’re at a point in time when companies and colleagues have access to more good information than ever before and — right beside it — just as much distracting junk.

  • Why it matters: There’s a huge struggle, “even at sophisticated companies, to communicate with hierarchy, simplicity, basically what Axios does with Smart Brevity®️," says Axios CEO Jim VandeHei.

The big picture: We built a technology around that idea – Axios HQ. It helps companies communicate more clearly — to employees or clients — and get their message across in half the time. 

How it works: HQ can teach you the methodology we use to engage smart readers

  • Prioritizing only what is surprising or essential. 
  • Telling them what’s new, right away. 
  • Following that up with why this news will matter to them. 
  • Styling for impact, and more. 

It’s what readers are hungry for, and it’s what cuts through. “If you can communicate better,” Jim says, “people fundamentally make better decisions.” 


Jim VandeHei headshot
Jim VandeHei Axios Co-founder & CEO
Lucy Yurek headshot
Lucy Yurek HSBC Global Head of Reputation