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Want to be part of the Generative AI revolution? Start with treating it like an assistant.

Written by Axios HQ CTO Dave Cumberland

Published by Corporate Compliance Insights October 31, 2023

Every industry, technology and company is moving faster than ever — and effective communication is the skill that separates the successes from the ones that struggle.

  • Most leaders do not start their career focused on communication or as naturally gifted communicators; I know I didn’t start that way. And lots of leaders think of communication as a fleeting art, something nurtured over a lifetime and possible only from a select few.
  • And while that may be true for the comms leaders among us who can build an organization’s entire strategy, the day-to-day writing of effective words — the material that help us lead teams, influence stakeholders, plan roadmaps — can be a lot more structured, scientific and predictable than we think.

That structure can be as satisfying as shipping code. But the problem is we rarely think about communication that way. So, we don’t engage our people as effectively as we could. They get lost in waterfalls of data, email, updates and documents. And they don’t have any way of knowing which matter, how to use them, where they should step up or where to step back. That’s creating chaos.

The cool thing I’ve watched unfold while leading our team building AI tools, and watching our customers use them to communicate, is how much we can get out of our own way if we just start with a structure. For tech, it can be as simple as engineering the right prompt. For leaders, it’s embracing generative AI for what it is — an assistant — and letting it set an early draft, or structure, for them to improve.

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