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New AI-powered tools encouraging collaboration, inclusivity

Published by HR Morning on April 15, 2024

Videoconferencing with Zoom helped a lot of companies like yours get things done during the darkest days of the pandemic. Four years later, one of the latest virtual collaboration platforms to hit the market is Zoom Workplace, which uses AI and internal and external apps to supercharge teamwork.

According to Jordan Zaslav, the chief operations officer at internal communications software company Axios HQ, some employees are still suspicious about using AI-powered tools in their everyday tasks. For example, if workers discover that Zoom Workplace’s AI features are keeping tabs on what they say in meetings, there’s potential for backlash.

In an email Q&A, Zaslav discussed how to get the hold-outs on board, how AI-powered tools and data can be leveraged to make routine work tasks faster and easier, and other topics.

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