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The connection between effective communication and employee retention

Published by HR Daily Advisor November 9, 2023

The business world is ever-changing, and internal communication has always been a cornerstone of effectively managing that change. But the significance of effective communication has been magnified post-pandemic as employers and employees navigate the return to the office.

Poor or insufficient communication can swiftly escalate to increased turnover, particularly when transparency is perceived as lacking.


Statistics Speak Volumes

Recent studies shed light on this pressing issue.

A telling 2023 Gallup report revealed that 41% of respondents contemplated a “quiet exit” but would reconsider if organizational engagement were enhanced. Furthermore, the 2023 State of Essential Workplace Communications Report by Axios HQ underscored this sentiment.

While half of the employees deemed updates on operational changes and organizational goals crucial, only 16% felt that such updates were being effectively relayed.

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