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Why no one is reading your company-wide emails — and how AI can help

Published by Employee Benefit News August 7, 2023 

It's a familiar scenario in business. You think you've crafted the perfect message to share, company-wide, about an exciting new initiative. You hit "send," and wait for the feedback to pour in with excitement. When it doesn't, a haunting suspicion surfaces: No one is reading your company-wide email.

  • Why it matters: Sixty percent of companies don't have a long-term internal communications strategy, and of those that do, 12% don't measure the effectiveness of these communications, according to data from insurance company Arthur J. Gallagher. As a result, 38% of employees and managers feel bombarded by excessive, confusing memos, according to research from Gartnerbut artificial intelligence could make the process smoother.  

"There hasn't really been a solution for internal communication yet," says Roy Schwartz, co-founder and president of Axios HQ, an AI-powered software that helps organizations manage their essential communications.

"Most companies don't even track the open rates of their all-hands, which are important communications with their staff about benefits or initiatives on strategy and vision. Are people actually understanding it? Are they able to absorb it? Did they read it? All of those things are not being measured right now."

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