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Employees want more authentic communications from leaders

Published by Forbes September 25, 2023

According to a recent nationwide study conducted by GE and Ipsos, a global polling firm, 95 percent of C-suite executives and 81 percent of entry-level employees believe that it is important that a leadership mindset be effectively communicated to all staff members, and over 80 percent of entry-level employees identify leadership training as a meaningful benefit.

  • However, C-suite leaders and entry-level employees disagree about how successful companies are in the development of strong leaders, and how effective leaders are in communicating this leadership mindset.

For the purposes of this survey, a “leadership mindset” was defined as the characteristics companies foster among employees to develop strong leaders who can help achieve business objectives and ensure the long-term success of their company.


In another recent study, Axios HQ found that leaders and employees are not always on the same page when it comes to the company’s business goals and objectives (66 percent of leaders think they are aligned with employees but only 44 percent of employees agreed).

This Axios HQ study, The 2023 State of Essential Workplace Communications, surveyed 1,038 full-time employees and 540 top leaders earlier this year. Besides the disconnect mentioned above, the study also found that 77 percent of leaders think their communications share the context that employees need to do their jobs well, but only 46 percent of employees agreed. Citing the importance of employees understanding the goals and directives that they need to do their jobs effectively; 70 percent of leaders think that employees have ready access to this information while only 46 percent of employees say they do.

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