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Riding the AI wave

Published by HRO Today August 24, 2023

Technology has taken many leaps and bounds in recent years, especially as cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) tools rise in popularity and utilization in the workplace.

  • A recent survey revealed that nearly one-third of leaders are redesigning their work and using AI to reduce their organization’s dependency on people, and 97% of leaders expect their organizations to be impacted highly (or extremely highly) by generative AI in the next 12 to 18 months.  

With 57% of CEOs and CFOs planning to increase the use of AI and automation amid today’s economy, obvious questions arise–how will technology transform the workforce? Will it replace workers? And if so, when? 


“It is essential for leaders to take the reins, make AI a force for good, and use it to scale and reverberate their most important messages,” says Connie Marean, vice president of people at Axios HQ. “The premium on clear, crisp communication at scale that can break through and connect with prospective employees and internal audiences has never been higher. If you want to retain and attract top talent, you need to master communicating what your company or product stands for.”

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