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Gen AI: Are you making room for this communications partner?

Written by Axios HQ Head of Internal Communications Tristyn Hassani

Published by TechCulture December 18, 2023

Artificial intelligence. Some leaders love it. Some have accepted it. Others still have serious questions about it. But whatever your opinion may be, there is no doubt AI is a force employers can no longer deny, discount, or ignore. For example, consider the journey of generative AI (gen AI). Only one year after its launch, this juggernaut form of AI is fundamentally transforming the way people communicate, collaborate, and carry out daily work tasks.

  • When harnessed effectively, AI can amplify human potential, accelerate productivity, and enhance workplace communications. Ultimately, it helps organizations improve team performance and build a culture where people are more deeply connected, aware, unified, and engaged.

Executives understand the potential of AI at work — and they’re investing accordingly. In fact, 75% of C-level leaders told Accenture they plan to increase AI and data-related spending in 2024 (up from 50% in 2023). Nevertheless, many still have reservations. For example, in the same survey, 55% of leaders named innovative technologies like AI as a top concern for the coming year.

This cautious optimism makes sense. AI can be a powerful tool for HR, IT, Operations, Marketing, and other business functions. But it also introduces new risks. And that means anyone who selects, implements, or safeguards the digital applications and data their teams use must accept a new level of responsibility.

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