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Don't let workplace conflict destroy the employee experience

Published by Employee Benefit News March 8, 2024

Most employees want to show up at work, do their best and then head home at the end of the day. When conflict and stress threaten that balance, employers have problems on their hands. 

  • According to data insights platform Gitnux, 85% of employees have experienced conflict at work, and spend nearly three hours per week resolving disagreements. Employees aren't seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to political issues like their stances on DEI, while increasingly serious mental health issues can be a challenge if not properly addressed.
  • It's important employers acknowledge these issues with the right benefits so the workplace is a place of support — not stress. 


"It's not that older managers are bad to their mentees or direct reports — they just don't understand them," says Jordan Zaslav, chief operating officer at Axios HQ. "The world has left a fingerprint on each generation in a different way and we have to embrace that."

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