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Axios wants us to read everything in bullet points

Published by The New York Times March 7, 2022

With much of the digital media world combining forces to survive, the founders of five-year-old Axios think they have the right recipe for success on their own.

The pitch, in Axios’s trademarked “smart brevity” format, goes a bit like this:

What to know: The company’s executives think its short-format writing will build back trust in the media among busy audiences and can teach corporate America to quit its long-winded jargon.

  • This year, Axios is pouring $30 million into expanding its footprint, said Jim VandeHei, the chief executive. It is spreading into cities (Axios Local), industries (Axios Pro) and workplaces (Axios HQ).

Why it matters: Axios is forging its own path when many of its digital peers are merging to increase their audiences and better compete with the big technology companies for advertising. Mr. VandeHei sees opportunity in local news, a space that other publishers have moved away from, and is bullish on Axios HQ, the software company-within-a-company that he thinks could eclipse the multibillion-dollar messaging service Slack.

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